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What is the process like?

Step 1: Eyebrow assessment and analysis – A recommendation will be given after analysing your face shape and features.

Step 2: Eyebrow design and shaping – Our professional technician will draw on your eyebrows to give you a visualization of how the end result will be like. Changes can be made to tailor to your desired brows.

Step 3: Numb cream application – Prior to the treatment, numb cream will be applied on eyebrow area for 15-20 minutes to ensure a mild and comfortable session.

Step 4: Eyebrow embroidery treatment – specialized Korean eyebrow embroidery equipment and quality pigments are used to produce natural and fuller-looking brows.

Will I experience any pain during the treatment?

To minimize any discomfort, a superior numbing cream is applied onto the eyebrow area prior to the treatment. Most customers experience zero discomfort and for those who do, it is said to be likened to eyebrow tweezing.

Are there any after effects?

Each individual’s experience may differ. Post-treatment, there might be slight swelling on the treated area. The colour of your eyebrows will also be darker right after the treatment but will fade by 20-50% lighter over the next week.

How long can my eyebrow embroidery last?

It varies for every individual. Factors such as skin types, skin cell turnover rate, metabolism and lifestyle affects how long it can last. On average, it is estimated to last 1-2 years.

What kind of colored pigments do you use?

Art by Mirage uses organic non-toxic coloring made from plants.

Can I have an old/poorly tattoo brow reworked or covered up?

About 90% of such cases have been successfully reworked. However, expectations must be managed as the results will not be comparable to virgin brows. The results are also dependent on factors, such as the colour and thickness of your brow tattoo and when your brows were last tattooed. In some cases, we recommend a laser removal of your brow tattoo before having eyebrow embroidery done, so as to achieve the best results possible.

Can I apply make up on my eyebrows?

It is strictly not permitted to apply make up on eyebrows for the first two weeks as your brows are still in the healing process. Applying make up when the wound is still healing could result in the risk of getting an infection.

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