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Take Back Your Skin's Radiance

Open pores, clear skin, or just general dull-looking skin bothering you? Mirage Aesthetic’s Luminous Clear Laser Facial Unlimited Treatment is here to help. Using the latest in facial rejuvenation technology, this laser treatment reaches into the deepest layers of your skin to help with stimulating collagen growth and clear skin, giving your skin new life and luminescence.

Repairing your skin from within is a process that requires regular TLC. This is why Mirage Aesthetic has prepared our Luminous Clear Laser Treatment as a special subscription-based package, that ensures that you get the treatments you need at an affordable monthly rate.

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Mirage Aesthetic’s Luminous Clear Laser Treatment promotion is at $298 for 1 month and $258 per month for 2 months. 

*Price is not inclusive of GST. Only for first-timers. For 21 years of age and above. Up to 5 sessions in a month.

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