Premium Dream Skin (Anti acne) Set

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Achieve blemish-free dream skin with this set that smoothes and brightens skin while effectively preventing acne aggravation. It provides continuous hydration, minimizes excess oil sebum, tighten pores and protects the skin against external pollutants.

This premium set includes Silk Protein Repairing Mask that leaves skin feeling immediately supple, clearer and radiant. With continuous usage, the mask visibly improves your skin, giving it a younger and healthier complexion.

This set of 4 includes- Mirage Miracle’s Super Moisture Cleanser, Refining Face Polish, Clear Care Serum and Silk Protein Repairing Mask.

For acne-prone, oily and combination skin.

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       Gentle face exfoliator Clear Care Serum       Luxurious Face Mask


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10 reviews for Premium Dream Skin (Anti acne) Set

  1. Elizabeth


    Tried this new routine set and it has been working for me as compare to some other korean products I used before. My acne has been in more control ever since and still keeps my skin moist.

  2. Elizabeth


    Products reached me within 3 days after ordering. The products are great so far, I do feel my skin texture is improving.

  3. Elizabeth

    Liu Ying

    Have been facing acne issue since young and got introduced to this set and it works miraculously. There is still acne scar but at least it is the breakout is controlled and not irritated anymore. Thumbs up!

  4. Elizabeth

    Yu han

    This set has help so much for my really active acne and irritable skin. Especially the mask! It calms my skin everytime it starts to have irritaition.

  5. Elizabeth


    Started off with their mask and i started to trust this brand as it really does what it says. Will give a review again after trying all the products.

  6. Elizabeth

    Carolyn Chua

    Suffered for irritable and acne prone skin since my puberty years. Got introduce to this product by a friend and it definitely calm my skin down especially the mask and the clear care serum prevent outbreaks. Best think is my skin still stay moist.

  7. Elizabeth


    Pores are smaller, face is less oily, However, this bundle sill manage to keeps my skin hydrated.

  8. Elizabeth

    Josephine Leong

    Love the calming , and redness eliminating properties of this bundle. Highly recommend the silk mask.

  9. Elizabeth


    Tried to use it diligently for 2 months+ now and i can see an improvement in my skin condition. Most importantly, my acne outbreak is kinda controlled. The product does not dries out my skin too.

  10. Elizabeth


    Products were delivered quickly, I received it 2 days after my order. I’ve started incorporating the products into my skincare routine and like that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

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