RF Nano Crystallize Hyaluronic Skin Booster Treatment

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Turn back time with this luxurious, 3-in-1 Swiss-perfected facial treatment which combines Radiofrequency (RF) heat, Nanocrystalline Injector and LED photon functions to deliver immediate hydration, luminosity and skin tightening results.

1) Radiofrequency (RF) heat – Enables skin pores to open quickly and offers deep penetration capability for essence to penetrate into the skin cells, tightening the skin in controlled high temperature conditions from a range of 40 to 60°C. It further induces production of new collagen and elastin, resulting in reduced fine lines and minimized pores.14
2) Nanocrystalline Injector – Using non-invasive needle injector to effectively deliver liquid essence to the skin.
3) LED Photon Efficacy:
Blue light – For acne and oily skin, Whitening
Green light – For acne and sensitive skin, reduce inflammation and shrink pores
Red light – Anti-aging and lifting

Next, a Silk Protein Mask which contains collagen peptides and oligopeptide filaments mixed with small molecule hyaluronic acid is soon delivered to skin dermis for a moisture treatment. It is effective in calming and rejuvenating the skin on an optimum absorption condition for a bouncy, plump and radiant skin.

Finally, a 5D Sculpture Lifting Protein Mask is applied to promote high nutrients absorption. Apart from face structure lifting and tightening skin, it also helps to get rid of acne and inflammation issues.

The overall result – a tighter, brighter and younger-looking skin with noticeably reduction in wrinkles.
• No surgery
• No injections
• No trauma
• No pain / No anesthesia needed
• No scab

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