Skincare has become part of our routine every time we get up and before we go to bed. This step has become essential in our lives. To maintain a healthy and clear complexion, it starts off with treating your skin right with the correct skin care products.

With an abundance of skin care products in Singapore, it can get a little difficult to narrow down the products that will achieve the best results with your skin and also, to even plan a skin care routine that is suitable for the humid and sunny Singapore weather.

Here at Mirage Miracle, skincare is a very crucial aftercare step that we cannot emphasize enough. We have specially curated a line-up of products that will help you to start off your skincare routine. To make it simpler, we have also provided these products in a set. These sets are specially curated to different skin types and the kind of results you’d like to achieve with your current skincare routine. It is essential to protect and maintain your skin with a proper skincare routine in Singapore. We look towards the skincare moguls from Korea for inspiration on how to get that glowing skin by incorporating and bringing Korean skincare into Singapore. Mirage Miracle’s Korean skincare products sold in Singapore are suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin.

Due to the sunny nature in Singapore, it is best to start off your day with a gentle and light cleanser in the morning, followed by a toner to clean out your pores. It also helps to balance the pH levels of your skin and helps to control the production of excess oil. Another important skincare product is sunscreen – to protect your face from the harmful UV rays. Be sure to check the SPF levels of your sunscreen and make sure it is high enough to keep your skin protected throughout the day.

As for your night routine, you’ll want to wash out all the gunk and grime accumulated throughout your day – the right facial wash would do just the job and then, followed by a toner. The next few steps of your skincare routine are crucial to what you’d like to target. Different serums and ampoules will help you achieve different results.

At Mirage Miracle, we have thoughtfully curated different sets for your different needs. For the ones who’d like to target their acne, they can try out Dream Skin (Anti-acne) Set. If you’d like to achieve that famous glass skin effect, check out the Glass Skin Skincare Set. If your fine lines and wrinkles are starting to show, our Premium Age Rewind Set does the trick to help rewind the clock, bringing back youthful-looking skin.

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