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Alexia TanAlexia Tan
10:25 05 Nov 23
I had an enjoyable experience with them, particularly with Eunice and Janet who attended to me. There was no aggressive sales approach but they were attentive to my needs and would recommend you the treatments based on their experiences. It was only my first session so I have not seen visible effects, hence the four stars for now.
Natalie Joan TanNatalie Joan Tan
12:18 04 Nov 23
Fantastic service by Vive and Beatrice. Very thorough cleansing and extraction. I did the Premium Glow facial, with great immediate effects. Both ladies were very kind in explaining the process and gentle throughout.
Bonnie TangBonnie Tang
08:38 03 Nov 23
Had no choice but to try their first trial facial and top up for a better facial treatment at $165 cause I can’t go back to my home country to visit my usual facial parlor due to my busy schedule. My skin condition was not bad to begin with because go for facial once every 3/4 months. I tend to have dry skin and blackheads on my chin and nose area ONLY. Most importantly, I do not have any significant breakout, acne scars or bumps, just once a month I will get 1/2 pimples on my forehead due to menstrual and hormones. The beautician tried to hard sell me saying that I have like a very bad skin condition (pigmentation, clogged skin, uneven skin tone, huge pores? My pores are small that’s why extraction hurts) to the point like if I do not sign up the package it will be worst! I came with the expectation of hard selling however this is too much because I know my skin condition. You do not go to ppl that tried your facial once without knowing the results to sign a 18x package that cost almost $6k. After I rejected her proposal, she continued with maybe you sign 8x at idk what price she quoted, I rejected her again. When I’m about to make payment she went on again, why not you try 3x and I give you free for today? 🙄 After the treatment, I realized that well it is the beautician job to make you feel insecure and concerned about your skin condition even though you know for a fact that your skin is fine, else they won’t be able to make money out from you right? Will not recommend this place or go back to this place. To be fair, my pimples did not heal after 3 days and the results was not what I was expecting.
Liz TanLiz Tan
03:16 26 Oct 23
Genuinely enjoyed the treatments provided here - thus I signed a 20 package facial with them. However , I do feel like its getting more difficult to book for an appointment after signing of package, especially of late. Been trying for weeks at this point to no avail. I signed only because my busy schedule only allows me to go for impromptu appointments but now, I am left wondering if its even possible for me to finish my package...Janet and Beatrice however, are really lovely to communicate with and they listen to your concerns every time and customise your treatment according to your needs.
15:43 13 Sep 23
My daughter went to Mirage recently for a trial session of teeth whitening as influencers and other reviews have recommended them. The aesthetician was friendly, welcoming and the session itself was good. What we did not appreciate was the hard selling of packages post the session by Jane. They may have our best interest at getting the best results however, my daughter spent a solid 10 minutes being hard sell and the staff pressing $1k on her payment method (first atome then shopback)... For a trial being marketed as $138 became $1k for a package? Unacceptable. If your customer rejects your package 3 times, then accept it. Never coming back again. Atrocious.
Penny LimPenny Lim
09:18 12 Sep 23
The staffs here are nice and friendly. Janet and Eunice who served me were super professional and experienced. Overall, a very great experience given it is my first visit 🙂
Michelle MangiMichelle Mangi
11:31 25 Aug 23
My premium glow treatment are done by Jane. She's friendly and suggested treatment that suit for my skin condition. So far so good 🥰
Ana Marie DiazAna Marie Diaz
12:01 21 Aug 23
I received excellent service and had a delightful experience with them. There was no aggressive sales approach; rather, they effectively persuaded me to consider their package, which I found worthwhile after my initial trial. While I observed positive changes, my laser hair removal treatment hasn't shown results yet. It's possible that multiple sessions are needed to see its effects. Due to this, I'm giving them 4 stars.
J GohJ Goh
15:34 14 Aug 23
I read all the glowing reviews before going to Mirage for the tooth whitening procedure. I made appointment for the first time trial offer of $138 but was convinced to sign up for the $1k+ package for 2 sessions when I was there.My teeth got a little whiter to be fair after the 2 sessions, but not by much. They tried to get me to sign for additional sessions but I refused.After doing some research, I bought the crest whitening strips from Amazon. The results were much better, and it cost less than $100 for the strips. In any case, for the same price, I could have gotten hydrogen peroxide treatment at a dental clinic which would have provided way better results.Tbh I wasn’t comfortable posting a negative review having seen the overwhelming 5-star reviews, but I want to provide a different perspective to others looking for options to whiten their teeth.Post review response to Mirage:I visited the Raffles City outlet (obviously). I do not remember the name of the consultant since I was there a few months back.For a business owner to respond so aggressively (setting 3 days deadline; threatening to mark negative user review as a fake review) should give prospective customers reason to pause and wonder what is the owner hiding. If a person is happy to pay $500+ per session for mildly effective treatment, then Mirage Aesthetic is the place to go. I'm, unfortunately, not such a person.
Nur maziahNur maziah
09:25 21 Jul 23
I enjoyed my pampering session today. Great atmosphere for a relaxing treatment. I am a first timer. Beatrice was very informative and Janet was also clear and confident when asked during the on-going session. Well knowledge and friendly staff!
Jia Jun lamJia Jun lam
11:04 19 Jul 23
Consultant Eunice is very professional in her work, she recommends personalized solutions to suit your requirement.Therapists Janice are good at what they do.The overall ambience is comfortable, complete with drinks while waiting for your turn. Their treatments are also effective.
courtney chancourtney chan
11:06 02 Jul 23
Thank you, Angie. You went above and beyond to help me get the correct treatment regardless of the situation and my face condition. At the end of the day I left as a happy customer achieving the results of what I want. I am keeping my fingers crossed on the final outcome of BB covered treatment. I will keep this updated in this thread!
Evangelin WEvangelin W
09:28 30 Jun 23
Chanced upon the Mirage Aesthetic over Facebook and went ahead with the trial.Was expecting a "bomb" in the prices but to my surprise, it is quite reasonable.Staffs at Raffles City are friendly and professional. Not very pushy on their products as they would advise based on individual situation.
Lee Cheng AikLee Cheng Aik
07:03 20 Jun 23
Great experience! Great facial service by vive and thanks to nice consultant Beatrice for sharing and giving much needed & support. Will continue come back for facial again and highly recommended!
Joyce TanJoyce Tan
07:24 15 Jun 23
DO NOT GO FOR THEIR 1-FOR-1 MIRAGE AESTHETIC FACIAL.This business is a SCAM.They get influencers and customers to leave 5-star reviews and give food vouchers in return.There is severe hard sell and pressure sales - before, during and after facial. It's extremely stressful!
Ronna SiiRonna Sii
06:30 08 Jun 23
Really a superb experience! Came here to do a teeth whitening session for the very first time and I could see a difference in 1 session. My consultants were very patient and they made me feel very comfortable as this was my first time trying their Teeth whitening treatment. Overall, I had a very good experience and I would recommend them to my friends and family.
07:54 22 Apr 23
Edit: stopped signing with them. Had a rude shock when making payment, turns out the price quoted was before gst. They didn't tell me the actual price including gst until after they tapped my card and I saw the amt was different from what was quoted. Altho the SHR worked but I'm not willing to spend more on them for such dishonest service. Only 1 staff did not hardsell, every other therapist talked a lot and hardsell through out the session. Plus this review originally was asked by them to write to give 5 stars to get a voucher.Orchard Rendezvous hotel outlet: Love the nice and cosy environment here. Vienny and Ashley has had been providing friendly and professional service. The SHR treatment has worked well too. Customer service Perry has been very helpful and pleasant. They will always make a warm drink for me at the start of visit, which is a nice touch.
Ganga PradeepGanga Pradeep
04:44 28 Mar 23
I came here for my underarm whitening . Very pleasant and friendly staff. The place is very neat and hygienic , I will highly recommend to my friends.My consultant was Ashley very professional and she explained everything clearly and suggested which package will work best for me based on my skin condition .Treatment was done by Janet and she was amazing in the process explaining each step.
Ella BocalaElla Bocala
03:45 26 Feb 23
The place is easy to locate since they also give you a visual map of the place with the video from the MRT 🙈The place looks great and the ambiance is very calming. The aesthetic is there as well as the great service. When I came inside Nikki was there to assist me and offered me drinks (Yo, free drinks are always a +++ 🤣) She went through with the forms and everything I needed to know and asked me if I needed anything else.Ashley, my consultant, was great! She explained to me things my previous consultants never did. From the regular package to the Ice Plus (which I ended up getting because cheaper in the long run with more benefits y'all). She was super patient and really engaging.The one who did my session was very comfortable around. Karen talked to me during the session which made it not awkward at all! No need to lie down in pure silence because she would always ask if I am ok or small things like some food and whatnot, just really engaging me in small talks. Which is a huge thing for me. 💕🤗 Especially for first timers, this would calm their nerves and really make the experience better. Tho the treatment is not painful it really helps a bit!Overall, great service and very organized. Kudos to the team 🤗
Đan ĐỗĐan Đỗ
11:36 07 Feb 23
I have used laser hair removal service here and this is freaking amazing, it's not pain at all and thick hair gone and hair grows smoothly. Staffs here are super friendly and helpful some more. I would recommended it to my friends.!
Mey PringMey Pring
06:40 05 Feb 23
My first time coming here and everyone was very friendly. Nikki helped with the appointment booking and guided me in finding my way. Ashley explained clearly of the treatment and provided me with different options. Janet was reassuring during the treatment and made sure I was comfortable during the entire session.
Cherryl GelagaCherryl Gelaga
05:32 03 Feb 23
It was amazing.,its my 3rd session whitening and mask for underarm and so nice result and no pain at all.and all staff so accumodating and kind.they explain you by detailed and im so impress with thier service.,highly recomemended!
Corine-ah GeeCorine-ah Gee
07:27 13 Dec 22
Amazing results in just one session of the Ice plus 3 in 1 treatment will definitely come back soon for succeeding sessions and would love to try the teeth whitening. Laura and Karen were super professional and accommodating. Receptionist Nikki was superb as well. Place was so clean and relaxing. Definitely a 5 star aesthetic clinic. Very appreciative of customers too Thank you so for this gift.
Jayasty AJayasty A
06:55 13 Dec 22
I had a great service from Ashley & Karen. From guiding me how to reach the place till my treatment, it was a great experience. I really loved the way they treated me during the entire treatment. I highly recommend them. Really happy that I chose Mirage Aesthetic 😊
16:15 23 Nov 22
Been here for an advance teeth whitening and body contouring, very worth it as I can see result immediately after 1 session. The therapists are gentle and polite throughout the treatment as well. Overall feel very comfortable, no hard selling.
Fronda NgohFronda Ngoh
12:29 18 Oct 22
It was a very pleasant experience at Mirage aesthetics! You get to choose a complimentary hot/cold beverage. The therapist would then explain the treatment you are undergoing very patiently and clearly and any questions would be clarified. The treatment rooms are comfortable and clean. The therapist I had would check on my well-being every now and then to ensure I’m okay & explain every steps along the way. It was overall a very painless hair removal session. Everyone is extremely friendly & approachable there! 👍
01:07 19 Sep 22
I had some deep, cystic acne that was in my skin for 2-3 weeks, and Janet from Mirage Aesthetic did a excellent and gentle job deep cleansing and extracting them so my skin could heal. She also did the Premium Glow Treatment on me, where advanced LED light therapy was used to treat my sunspots, aging and dull skin, and large pores. It was amazing to see immediate results right after the treatment -- she showed me a mirror and my pores were minimized, my sunspots were definitely faded, and my skin was more white and "plump". The entire session was 1.5 hours, and it was very relaxing and wonderful, and there was no hard selling. Of course, I'm curious how long the results would last, but after this session I'm totally convinced about the results of LED light therapy.
Mhel LoyMhel Loy
10:45 18 Sep 22
I had an amazing experience with Mirage Aesthetic. There staff were very accommodating and has a very clean facility. I was handled gently by therapist during treatment and ensured that im comfortable. Gladly there’s no hard selling and i signed up a package. Effective treatment, saw an improvement after the session. Highly recommended and happy with the service.
Avtar Singh BhullarAvtar Singh Bhullar
12:13 02 Sep 22
It was my first session of Ice plus package today. Good customer service and treatment was very smooth. The ladies were very polite and patient. Consultant explained me thoroughly about the treatment what to expect. I recommend this place to everyone.
tom christophertom christopher
16:12 01 Sep 22
I was super impressed with the care and attention I received at my facial appointment. Mirage Aesthetic welcomed me in with a friendly smile. First Impressions count so much! My aesthetician was very tentative and thorough on explaining with detail what she was doing and what products she was using on my face. I felt relaxed and at ease. I was pretty impressed with the final result. Thanks Again Mirage Aesthetics you guys are Amazing! I definitely will recommend you to my friends and family.
Juliet FuJuliet Fu
01:33 21 Aug 22
Went for my first ever teeth whitening experience. Staff were very professional and polite. Aesthetician was also very gentle and took care of my comfort well. Also saw good results after just one session. Recommend!
00:57 09 Aug 22
Went to mirage aesthetic for SHR, but ended up buying the package for another package which they explained to be more efficient. Only went for one treatment, so i couldn't comment on the effects. After finishing half the package, would come back to do a follow up on the effects. Overall, staff is friendly, polite and pretty!
Deepashni Grace RaviDeepashni Grace Ravi
02:41 03 Aug 22
The staffs at mirage aesthetics were friendly and inviting! They made sure that I was thoroughly informed and given an explanation of the treatment that I was doing for the first time and checked in on me regularly to see if I’m feeling fine during the treatment. They also addressed my skin concerns mindfully and helped me to better understand the condition of my skin and why it happens and what I can do to improve it.
Theresa ChuaTheresa Chua
15:06 24 Jul 22
The staff were friendly, patient and accommodating! The place was charming although the rooms were quite small. Would be great if there was a shelf or locker to store our belongings during the treatment. Nonetheless, the SHR process was almost painless (just slight sting on more sensitive area).
10:33 17 Jul 22
It was my first time visiting Mirage Aesthetic and I was attended to by Laura and Joanna. The decoration and design of the place feels comfortable and the staffs were attentive and welcoming. Thank you Laura for thinking for me as a consumer, as that was very thoughtful and Joanna for making the first-time experience smooth, I am relieved.
shiyue huangshiyue huang
09:44 02 Jul 22
It was my first time treatment with them, I did a underarm and Brazilian hair removal trial. The whole session was just wonderful, almost no pain at all and their hair removal treatment comes with whitening and mask for underarm. And staffs there are very kind and explain the treatment quite detailed so you know what you’re paying for. They also played very relaxed background music, very impressed service, highly recommended!
09:24 23 May 22
This is my first experience with teeth whitening treatment. The environment of Mirage esthetic is very clean and comfortable, and the service staff are also very kind and accommodating.Before the treatment begins, the service staff will interview me and understand the condition of my teeth. Only then did I start recommending a treatment that was right for me in order to achieve the whitening effect I wanted.The treatment went smoothly and I am very satisfied with the results! Finally, I signed up for a package and look forward to coming back here every month to continue my teeth whitening regimen!Thank you for your service! Keep it up team! 👍☺️
Yvonne Koh PropnexYvonne Koh Propnex
10:27 11 May 22
My first coming here and the staffs are friendly and helpful. Angie explained to me the various treatments that is suitable for me. I had a very wonderful session with Jessie too handling my face with delicate care. Highly recommended 👍👍👍
Ms Laura explained the best treatment suitable for my skin concerns. I understood and appreciated how she differentiated the treatments available. Ms Joanna did my face treatment and she was very good. I can see visible results after my 1st session. Thank you Mirage Aesthetics Orchard Branch!
Lynn OhLynn Oh
06:29 24 Apr 22
Went for my first SHR Brazilian treatment today! Amazing experience overall. Laura and Dawn were really patient and great, going through the procedure with me really nicely. Signed up for more with them! 😁
Mary Kate TalbanMary Kate Talban
05:31 12 Apr 22
The staff were really friendly and accommodating, especially Beatrice and Laura. Considering it was my first time, they were very informative and helpful with what i needed to know for the advanced teeth whitening treatment. Will definitely come back for their services.
Cherry Lou LaxamanaCherry Lou Laxamana
11:31 04 Apr 22
Very friendly staffs! Hands up to both Angie & Jasmine for being so accommodating and patient in answering all my queries. Also love the place - feels so relaxing and clean!
Roxy ARoxy A
05:40 30 Mar 22
The staff are really friendly and approachable. They seems to have knowledgeable with the products and explained to the customer in a very helpful and understandable manner.The treatment experience was great, cleaned and smoothen my underarm. Thanks.
Joan LimJoan Lim
12:59 29 Mar 22
Helpful staff and love their service. Shout out to Tiffany, Beatrice, Ashley & Joanna thank you for perfect service! Keep the good job!
cesc seryuncesc seryun
05:29 26 Mar 22
I like that they explain the process i details and recommend what is the best for me. They are respectful and leave the decision to me after explaining, no hard selling. Qiqi did my treatment and gave me helpful tips.
03:08 25 Mar 22
Tried 1st Brazilian unlimited SHR session. The treatment was very sophisticated and hygienic.Bought 5 more session for significant effect and so far satisfied with it.
Sim Jia HuiSim Jia Hui
15:01 20 Mar 22
Place i went was cozy and nice fell asleep during the treatment. Service was good as well. No other issue just hard selling me the treatment, was a little pressured. Kinda expected it. Scott sq outlet
Renu GolayRenu Golay
07:27 19 Mar 22
I enjoyed my today treatment. I did brighting under armpit .Couldn’t believe my eye how brighten it was . Totally love their service and their ambience . They wasn’t too pushy about the packet/ promotions either. You guys should definitely try it whoever is concerns
Jelene TanJelene Tan
13:49 01 Mar 22
Went with my friend for 2 sessions of Signature BB glow facial at $68. We were separated into 2 different rooms for consultation. Was asked to top up with a facial and the consultant was quite pushy. I rejected and only went for the BB glow facial and she told me I can use the 2 sessions together by doing 1 on my face and the other on my neck or eye area. As I went with my friend, I asked the consultant to check if my friend is going to do both on the same day or going to do on 2 separate days. She came back and told me she is doing both on the same day so I went ahead with the same by doing 1 on face and 1 on neck.However, when we finished our facial, I realised my friend only did 1 session and she will be going back for another session 2 weeks later. I feel that the consultant is only concerned about selling and pushing packages and not sincere at all. And the BB glow facial is very common and not much difference before and after. Will never step in again.
Jeslin LeeJeslin Lee
14:22 22 Feb 22
The place is very cosy and clean. I’m a mum of 2 and I use my sessions to relax and rest so the setup of the place means a lot to me. Unlike some facial places which I’ve been to, which can be quite noisy from the ringing of phone and small talks from the room next door, Mirage is not bad. Though the pricing is on the higher side, the beauticians there are of high standards as they ensure that you are comfortable and feel at home. Take for example today when I had to visit the loo between my session, Gianna and my beautician, Tiffany were waiting by the door for me to be back. I felt like a queen haha!I will also like to commend the service of Tiffany, who is meticulous and informs me of each step she is about to do (despite my multiple visits). Thank you Tiffany for your top notch service! My consultant Eunice also listens to my needs and finds ways to give me a good deal. Dear Mirage staff, thank you for always greeting your clients with smiles and being so warm! Keep up the good work and stay safe!
Lim YongxinLim Yongxin
05:35 20 Jan 22
Got my treatment plans from Mirage Orchard Rendezvous Hotel outlet, my specialist is Joanna and consultant is Ashley. They are both professional, friendly and makes me feel like they really care about you, not just want to close your case and take your money. It is very different from other places I've been. Joanna is by far the best specialist I've met, and Ashley gave a lot of advice and solutions in regards to the problems I have. Deeply appreciate their help, you guys have my heartfelt gratitude on the services you provide. Cheers.
Si Hui DeirdreSi Hui Deirdre
08:43 12 Jan 22
I enjoyed my visit to MA @ Orchard Rendezvous Hotel on 11th Jan afternoon! The consultants and beauticians were careful, friendly and patient and the whole process was pleasant! Honestly, I wasn't drawn to purchase a 'package' as I headed down with the intentions for an experiential trial session so I really really hope the results will be good! Nevertheless, still worth a visit! 🙂
Audrey AngAudrey Ang
16:00 19 Dec 21
Staff are all friendly and accomodating. They take their time to give explanation to us. I was being served by Joanna while my husband was being served by Tiffany. Both of them were very professional and experienced. We were both very happy with their level of professionalism. Although the pricing may seems on the high end, however, am very pleased to see the results instantly. Laura are also very patient in helping me to work out the plan that work best for me. Very satisfied with my visit.
Audrey LooAudrey Loo
01:59 06 Dec 21
I visited Mirage Aesthetic on 5 Dec and was pleasantly greeted by the service staff who were attentive to my needs. Despite my latecoming, the service staff were quick to ensure that I was aware of the directions to the clinic. The treatment was fuss-free with every procedure carefully being explained. I thoroughly enjoyed the service.
Shan ShantiniShan Shantini
06:46 08 Jun 21
Very beautiful and serene ambience. Eunice and Joanna from orchard rendezvous branch were detailed and professional. They explained every detail to me. Kudos great service👍
Gazelle Ann LeycoGazelle Ann Leyco
08:01 05 Nov 23
I had Ice Plus Permanent Hair Removal with Priscilla and Jasmine. The staff are very kind and accommodating and the Ice Plus is very effective. I had only 6 sessions for my arm pit and the hair are gone. I also did brazilian and it was really effective. Just find it out for yourself ladies! 😉
Winnie wangWinnie wang
14:28 31 Oct 23
Consultant Kelly was super helpful and friendly, she patiently answered all my questions and give me a best advise, I really can see significant improvement after the session. Thank you teams for the excellent service.
qingling pohqingling poh
03:35 29 Oct 23
Have a great experience at Mirage Aesthetic Westgate. Signed up Ice Plus package and it has good results after a few tries. Jessie and Kelly have been really helpful throughout the whole session.
10:35 19 Oct 23
Mirage Aesthetics is an exceptional establishment that truly impressed me. From the moment I walked in, I was struck by the shop's impeccable cleanliness and the professional ambiance it exuded. The attention to detail in maintaining a pristine environment was evident and instantly put me at ease.The staff at Mirage Aesthetics are not only professional but also highly knowledgeable in their field. They took the time to thoroughly explain the procedures and answer all my questions, which made me feel confident in their expertise. Their dedication to providing a top-notch experience is truly commendable.During my visit, I received a treatment that exceeded my expectations. The results were outstanding, and I couldn't be happier. Mirage Aesthetics not only met but surpassed my aesthetic needs, and I left feeling more confident and rejuvenated than ever before.I wholeheartedly recommend Mirage Aesthetics to anyone seeking aesthetic services. Their commitment to cleanliness, professionalism, and expertise is exceptional, and I can't praise their services enough. This shop is a gem in the world of aesthetics, and I look forward to returning for future treatments.
Nisen YeoNisen Yeo
05:09 15 Oct 23
Staff here are friendly and very willing to help. Did the IcePlus treatment, could see the results within 3 visits. Highly recommend this place. Priscilla and Jiayan are very helpful and take the extra steps to understand about each individual.
10:14 14 Oct 23
Mirage provides a good service for hair removal. Halfway through my package I am seeing good results. Jennifer is my therapist and she is friendly and sweet. She provides a good service and sessions with her are never boring.
Catherine WongCatherine Wong
06:08 30 Sep 23
I had Ice Plus SHR done with consultant Kelly and therapist Tina. The staff here are really nice and friendly. They were helpful and tried to be as accommodating as possible to my needs. The results were also quick and had great effects.
Jannah ZulkifliJannah Zulkifli
11:10 23 Sep 23
The experience with Priscilla Sow was really nice. I did the premium glow treatment which initially was meant to help my acne prone skin, but instead it also helps to brighten and lift my skin. Thank you!
Honeylyn AlcarioHoneylyn Alcario
05:59 22 Sep 23
I’ve done with my facial package at mirage aesthetic westgate and my skin has been improving since then.There service was very good as all staff was very approaching and polite. Kelly was the one who assisted me during my treatment session and she has been very detailed with all those things or procedure.Highly recommended 🌸
Rebecca LimRebecca Lim
06:30 07 Sep 23
Bough facial package at mirage aesthetic and my skin has been improving ever since. Service is very good as staff is very patient and attentive. Tina is very detailed and helpful during my treatment session.
05:16 04 Sep 23
Priscilla and Jiayan were super friendly and supportive. It was my first time, they went through the treatment process clearly before starting the session. Thank you for the good service!🥰👍🏻👍🏻
03:53 04 Sep 23
Happy with my 3rd visit at Mirage doing my fat freeze session. Always feel so good and comfortable on every visit as therapist Jiayan is always so cheerful and patient with my questions. Seeing great improvement result on my tummy today really makes my day. Love their professional services with no hard selling. 🙂
08:50 03 Sep 23
All staffs here are very welcoming and nice! My consultant Mavis was very helpful in explaining all details about the treatment and how it works without overpromising anything. My therapist Jennifer was also very gentle when helping me to do the treatment and I had a calming experience overall :)) would recommend if anyone is looking for a good facial treatment place.
Asri AsroyAsri Asroy
07:36 03 Sep 23
Kelly - TeresaIt was a first time doing teeth whitening treatment with Mirage Aesthetic.Truly amazed with the result and very happy with the treatment and services provided. Will definitely recommend their service to others who wanna go for the treatment as you will see difference in it! 🙂
10:02 01 Sep 23
I had an amazing experience on mirage aesthetic; first I was kindly welcomed by jessi, who guided me throughout the whole experience, services and packages. Secondly I had my experience with Jennifer which was a real sweetheart and very professional. I loved how relaxing and advanced everything felt. The attention to detail and dedication was on point. I will come back for sure. Thank you girls! You are the best!! Bravo.
Janice AngJanice Ang
12:53 28 Aug 23
The service is good . I signed up for teeth whitening basic LED. However , I received zero result . Not even 1 shade lighter . Very disappointed . I was told that , I need to go for 6 sessions to achieve better result . 6? …. My dentist don’t even recommend me to go for more than 1 session per year.Even the therapist couldn’t really explain and answer the zero result I getting. I feel like a scam or just a marketing gimmick. My take home kits from a proper dental clinic did a better job, then this in-house whitening . Really 一分钱一分货。
Yanny TanYanny Tan
01:39 16 Aug 23
Service is value for money. Jiayan was nice and expert. She had explained regarding treatment and recommended which one is more suitable for me. Overall I’m happy for the result. Highly recommended!
06:57 12 Aug 23
I went for a teeth whitening service at Westgate. Kelly attended to me and explained the procedure and was transparent about the differences in basic and advanced treatment. I appreciate that she was upfront of the costs and the first-timer discounts as well!Jasmine was in charge of the whitening procedure and she took great care of me. I was comfortable throughout the treatment and she came immediately when I rang the bell for attention.Overall, both ladies were great and professional, and I enjoyed my visit!
Zaqia AlyyaZaqia Alyya
06:44 05 Aug 23
Was skeptical of these new technologies that a lot of companies keep boasting but the one specifically used here proved me wrong! Results shown instantly within the first session, especially with the help of Jennifer! She’s always so engaging and patient and does a great a job at making me comfortable!
03:57 24 Jul 23
Kelly and Jasmine were really friendly and kept me updated about my progress, as well as giving me suggestions regarding my treatment plans, and which were the ones apt for me. Very courteous and always make arrangements for my last minute schedule changes. Kudos to the team! 🙂
Shila RohanniShila Rohanni
05:33 19 Jul 23
Mavis and Jasmine were great. Everyone was friendly and the entire experience, from consultation to the service was great as well. There was no hard selling and Mavis was very helpful in helping me pick out the package that i need. Thank you ladies!
Lailah SoonLailah Soon
10:22 18 Jul 23
The whole facial experience was great as Kelly went through the consultation process to understand better of my skincare routine. Jasmine did a full facial treatment and it was painless and the result speaks for itself. The difference in the skin tome before and after was vast. Overall it was a great experience and I would recommend it.
AK ValidusAK Validus
05:25 17 Jul 23
Consultant Mavis is friendly, approachable and informative with regards to the number of treatment she introduced. No hard selling packages involved which makes me feel comfortable and ease. Jasmine is really friendly and cheerful when doing the treatment! Loving it! Will come by again!
11:55 16 Jul 23
Kelly and Jasmine were really helpful and patient consultants who gave me a detailed breakdown of the treatment. I felt at ease throughout the treatment. Will definitely go again! 🙂
Jan ZJan Z
11:09 10 Jul 23
The staff here are very friendly, Kelly is knowledgeable and introduced me a package that is most suitable for me. Jessie is good at operating the machine and I have seen visible results over the months. My hair growth has drastically reduced after the first session and I have seen my underarm getting brighter and whiter. Overall I would say the price paid is worth, will try their other service in future if I have the need. Thanks.
06:49 08 Jul 23
Consultant Mavis is friendly and explain on the procedure well and clear, friendly and honest. I love that there’s no hardselling at all and let customer feel at ease and welcome. Jasmine helped with the treatment, very bubbly and make me feel at ease. Overall very satisfied experience.
Staffs are friendly and helpful. Kelly and Jasmine has been amazing each of my visits here. I would definitely recommend to those people who are looking for teeth whitening procedure!
Sengbee NgSengbee Ng
13:20 26 Jun 23
Worst experience ever. Signed a package of hair removal. The beauticians didn't perform each treatment properly. Literally 10seconds ended whole session. Some times they will complete the session properly, depending on which beautician and their mood. They don't care if you removed hair properly or not. Simply apply the machine on you. Let's not forget, I sign their 12sessions SHR and after 12 session, no effect at all, which is surprisingly failed.Had another hair removal package at other place and I can compare the service right immediately.
esther neoesther neo
02:31 25 Jun 23
I have been going to the Westgate outlet for Ice Plus and I find treatment to be pretty effective with finer and reduced hair growth. Consultant Priscilla is professional with her recommendations and treatment with Jassie is smooth and quick and she’s gentle and meticulous always checking in throughout the session. Would recommend to try out the ice plus treatment if you have low pain tolerance and would like to try out hair removal.
Nyza HamzahNyza Hamzah
10:31 23 Jun 23
Elaine is one of the best follow up person. Without failed her sweet voice will remind me even after many times I failed to turned up! And now when I turned up, Priscilla sold me!!! Best people on earth! Keep it up coming ladies!!!!
Rini MRini M
04:19 06 Jun 23
My first time trying a treatment at an aesthetic clinic and first session was amazing. Consultant Mavis was very detailed and patient explaining the treatment and all. Therapist Jasmine was friendly too. Love their customer service. Can’t wait for my next session.
nadiatul shahfikanadiatul shahfika
05:30 02 Jun 23
I had a great experience for a first time going through underarm treatment at Westgate mirage aesthetics that consult by Ms Priscilla and treatment by Ms Jasmine. Both of them were very helpful and knowledgeable in guidance about this underarm treatment. Would love to come back again.
Ng Sheng YiNg Sheng Yi
05:43 01 Jun 23
Went for the ICE plus brizillian and whitening treatment sessions. With just a few sessions, I have seen significant results. Compared to other companies providing similar services, I must say that I'm impressed. And would have chosen to come here first if I had known better. Shout out to Priscilla and Jennifer for providing me with excellent services!
15:17 30 Mar 23
Awesome experience! The staff and doctor here were really nice. Explanation of the treatment process was clear and I can see improvements in my skin! Really happy that I finally got rid of most of my facial veins that had been bothering me since young during my time here!
chew yen Sweechew yen Swee
08:05 26 Mar 23
Went for ICE PLUS hair removal treatment for my underarm at Westgate branch. I have done for 9 sessions and can see a very very good result. The treatment is totally painless and very effective. The staffs are very friendly and accommodating. Specially thanks to my consultant and Jasmine for the good recommendation and awesome treatment. Highly recommend to others to try out their service 🙂
Mei Qi LimMei Qi Lim
10:34 25 Mar 23
The staff there are very friendly. Always very cheerful which will spread joy to all their customer. Also would like to thanks my therapist JiaYan. she is very meticulous and will Ensure that my face is clear and I have been doing BB grow with her. It’s been a very good! Basically all their staff is very nice and friendly to talk to. This if you need a good advice you can ask for them.
Elyna LeeElyna Lee
01:00 30 Jan 23
Just did my treatment at this outlet. Had a very relaxing experience. The face massage was so satisfying. Will definitely recommend my friend to come here. Thank you to this ladies Kelly and Jasmine for taking such good care of me (:
NrFrh D.NrFrh D.
07:08 03 Jan 23
This is my first visit and I’m amazed by the professional and friendly service rendered the moment I stepped into Mirage Aesthetic. My consultant Kelly walked me through the process and explained in detail what was best for me and Teresa my therapist was very gentle and would update every step of the process which gives me a very positive outlook. Thank you for the one hour session which gave such amazing results. Wishing you and the team a Prosperous New Year!
Mon MonMon Mon
08:38 30 Dec 22
I love how calming and nice the ambience was. The staff were very professional and Soffyia gave sound advice regarding the skin conditions and the most suitable treatments. Teresa was very gentle with the treatment process and did each step of the treatment with care. Really love the experience here and highly recommended!
Oceane DooleyOceane Dooley
16:03 24 Dec 22
As a first timer I didn’t know what facial treatments should I opt for on my first visit. The staff at Westgate outlet recommended me a few options for me to choose from after doing a skin analysis for me! I personally really like the results after the session! The ambience was relaxing too!
Meredith BechtelarMeredith Bechtelar
15:58 24 Dec 22
Was always looking for a solution for my yellowish teeth and I am glad I found Mirage Aesthetic! Did their Advanced Teeth Whitening treatment and saw visible results! Now I am able to smile confidently Thank you Consultant and Therapist for being professional during the entire treatment process and I will definitely come back here again. Great environment and service! 🙂
Richard BakerRichard Baker
14:46 21 Dec 22
I was skeptical at first to try the treatments but the consultant assure me that it will be beneficial and also safe for me. Thank you for making sure I am well taken care of. By the way, I love the result from my led teeth whitening treatment.
Jeremiah MunapJeremiah Munap
11:38 21 Dec 22
Went for LED teeth whitening at Westgate branch and had an awesome treatment from their staff! The treatment was overall good and I’m very satisfied with the result. Thanks Kelly Wong & Jasmine for making my experience here enjoyable. Would recommend to others to try their service here, and they wont let you down! Kudos 👏🏻
A Google User
A Google User
15:28 20 Dec 22
First time trying their bye bye panda eye treatment. Immediate results as promised. Excellent customer service. Package was explained clearly by the consultant. The therapist was also very gentle with her hands. Will definitely be back!
Kyla LabadieKyla Labadie
15:28 20 Dec 22
Went for my first trial treatment-Hydra facial. The consultant assisted on the consultation and she told me advices on how to take care of my skin. Personally I have not very good experience with facial elsewhere but she promised me that I will definitely love the results after the session therefore I went ahead to give it a try. My therapist was gentle. Her skills were very good as well as thorough. I was satisfied with the results thereafter, thank you Mirage Aesthetic for regaining my confidence towards my skin condition and I look forward to more treatments with them!
Cali CummerataCali Cummerata
16:51 19 Dec 22
I love coming to Mirage Aesthetic. The lovely ladies welcome me with a warm smile and open arms each and every single time. The staff are indeed very experienced and accomodating. During every treatment, I feel so relaxed and I fall into slumber while leaving them to do their magic on my skin. The treatment leaves my skin flawless as I walk out of the door. Thank you sweet ladies for taking such good care of me all this while.
Luis BoakLuis Boak
10:18 19 Dec 22
Excellent service by Consultant whom I didn’t get her name. She really took the time to come up with a service plan that would best suit my financial status. I am really appreciative and admire her dedication to serve her clients and made them feel more than just a client. Kudos to the team at Westgate outlet! Looking forward to go back again
Jurre HaakJurre Haak
10:41 17 Dec 22
First time trying their bye bye panda eye treatment. Immediate results as promised. Excellent customer service. Package was explained clearly by the consultant. The therapist was also very gentle with her hands. Will definitely be back!
akhona sokhasiakhona sokhasi
08:31 16 Dec 22
Service Staff were friendly and professional. No hardselling and the consultant considered my budget while introducing a package that met my needs. My therapist was also patient in explaining the treatment process. Would recommend.
Nurin CheokNurin Cheok
07:31 10 Nov 22
First time trying their bye bye panda eye treatment. Immediate resukt as promised. Excellent customer serice. Package was explained clearly by Soffyia. The therapist Teresa was very gentle with her hands.I would reccomend them to my friends!
Kyla Shynn LimKyla Shynn Lim
12:20 02 Nov 22
Went for the ICE PLUS hair removal at Mirage and have to commend staff Tina and Jessi especially for their wonderful hospitality. Jessi was very patient with explaining the treatment which was painless! Also love the clean and relaxing ambience of the Westgate outlet... I would definitely consider going back for more sessions 😁
Wei Qin LimWei Qin Lim
06:31 24 Oct 22
Tried their Advanced Teeth Whitening treatment and saw visible results! Although still require a few more treatments to meet my desired results, I am satisfied with what was achieved after the first session. Consultant Soffyia and Teresa were professional during the entire treatment process and I will definitely come back here again. Great environment and service! 🙂
Pauline NgPauline Ng
12:16 22 Oct 22
Consultant: KellyTeresaOverall, extraction was less painful than the treatment that I received elsewhere. The whole process was very comfortable and soothing. My face glowed more after the treatment with smaller pores too! Will recommend it. Nice consultant too:)
Catherine MiguelCatherine Miguel
08:14 09 Oct 22
Their service is very overwhelming, I did Ice plus treatment for my underarm for 3sessions only and its very effective its less to no more hair growth. My therapist is Priscilla and Teresa they are very nice. No regret at all. 😍😍😍 I love it
Ma. Wirlyn RosalMa. Wirlyn Rosal
08:53 17 Sep 22
I was satisfied with the services of the staff. From costumer service representative Elaine, who's been in contact with me and the therapist Teresa and Priscilla. It was a very relaxing weekend facial. The face massage was so satisfying. Will re consider signing up a package once I can afford. 😍
Nurulhuda Mohd HussainNurulhuda Mohd Hussain
04:03 17 Sep 22
Being a regular customer for 2+ years, had help my skin heal and improve drastically. Served by very kind and loveliest people. Big thank you to Priscilla and Teresa for helping me have a good experience in Mirage Aesthetic. 😊
LP TanLP Tan
10:26 30 Aug 22
Was told by their consultant that she did not have much time with me as another customer is waiting for her, while I was clarifying some doubts with her to sign their new package or not. It was only 10 mins into the conversation. If she did not have the time for me, she could assign another consultant to speak to me, I’m more than happy to. Makes me wonder is the consultant sincere in resolving my issue or is the consultant just impatient in closing the deal? Makes me wonder am I not their customer as well? Services provided by the therapists have been great always, hope that mirage could train your consultants on customer service more.
Aishah ZainudinAishah Zainudin
09:17 15 Jul 22
Priscilla was so attentive to my teething needs and she recommended the necessary treatments. She even threw in some free facials! Overall, satisfied with the outcome and the service given by the team. Thank you!
12:19 28 Apr 22
Very first experience of doing facial here was great! Did the BB Glow facial and the results were obvious even for the first session! Staffs Jasmine who did my facial and Kelly who introduced me to the process were friendly and nice and not hard selling too. They also gave tips on how to maintain my skincare.100% recommend!
Noi TangNoi Tang
03:41 23 Apr 22
First trial BB grow today .Good customer service provided by Ms.Kelly, she very soft spoken and very understanding towards my skin needs. Most important She did not hard sell the products.And Ms.Jessie has super soft hands and she is patience explain to me while doing the BB growWill come back in future.
Qianwen HoQianwen Ho
12:42 12 Apr 22
Was attended to by Angie and Lilli on my first visit here. Angie was very detailed in her explanation and made sure all my questions were answered. Great session, would visit again :)Thanks Angie!
Diyah MohamadDiyah Mohamad
05:38 09 Apr 22
For a first timer, my experience for the underarm SHR with complimentary of brightening is an excellent one. Consultation by Angie while treatment handles by Jessie. Both provided a really polite and kind service. It is overall satisfactory for myself as first timer. Thank you Jessie for the well-handled treatment and Angie for going all the way to get me a good quotation for my package! 😀
Kaycee Lyn SiwaKaycee Lyn Siwa
05:52 08 Apr 22
Priscilla and JiayanPremium glow really made my face looks better! I will definitely continue having this for my face. As well as the Ice plus for the underarms. Way better than just removing have! ♥️
privina naiduprivina naidu
06:05 31 Mar 22
Excellent customer service provided by Ms.Kelly, very soft spoken and very understanding towards our skin needs. She did not hard sell products nor counteroffer other services.And Ms.Junlyn has super soft hands and she is super patience with what she’s doing.I had a good time here and will definitely come back again in future.
Jingyi KeeJingyi Kee
11:00 30 Mar 22
Very smooth and comfortable procedure. Deep cleansing and bb glow treatments were effective in whitening. Kelly and jasmine were patient and experienced in their service. Thank u!
Jocasta MJocasta M
08:51 28 Mar 22
Angie is really professional and there is no hard sell. She is friendly and fun to chat with, good customer service 👍🏻 Jiayan is very gentle during treatment. Pleasant experience 🥰
Mandy LeeMandy Lee
08:49 26 Mar 22
It’s my first time here at mirage aesthetic. And Angie and Lili was amazing. I really love my treatment that was specifically planned out for me and also the extraction was painless!
Denise FongDenise Fong
10:26 24 Mar 22
Loved the experience! A place that offers you the packages but doesn’t hard sell is hard to come by. The treatment was very well explained by Angie, unlike any other I’ve been to and treat itself was done professional way and Lily made sure I felt comfortable throughout.
Yuen YengYuen Yeng
12:15 17 Mar 22
Priscilla consulted me about my skin and was very patient about my questions. She was also not forceful about the treatment. Janice helped to do my facial and she was very gentle and friendly. Highly recommend.
Baddie beulahBaddie beulah
07:50 17 Mar 22
It was my first time doing whitening treatment and Kelly was consultant. She went through briefly about how will the process will be like and she went into details as well. Teresa was the lady did the treatment for me and she was patient as well. Overall wonderful experience❤️
05:41 28 Jan 22
I signed up a trial session on ClassPass - Deep cleansing treatment.Angie assisted on the consultation and she noted on my skin condition. Personally I have not very good experiences on facial treatments but Angie understood on my concerns and genuinely helped me customised a package suitable for me to give them a chance.Qiqi helped me with the treatment and the facial treatment I did was different from the ones I used to do. I am surprised by the results, my face look slightly better.They are professional and will share their knowledge of proper skin care. Thank you.I look forward to the upcoming Treatments update of my skin!
Marcus LohMarcus Loh
05:10 28 Jan 22
Went for the deep cleansing facial treatment! Kelly Wang & Jasmine gave a thorough checkup of my skin condition and some tips on improving it! Painless and comfortable treatment and totally recommend it to others. Will go for it again!
Novia IrianaNovia Iriana
09:35 08 Nov 20
The place is really neat and clean! My consultant, Luna is very helpful and understanding towards my need, making my visit there really a good experience (:
Farhanah HassanFarhanah Hassan
12:01 13 Oct 20
Very nice ambience and facial done by Teresa and Luna was good. They recommend treatments to rectify my skin problem. Good job!
Marilou BedisMarilou Bedis
05:51 17 Sep 20
My treatment today was so good and relaxing I love it and the service was excellent “Thank You 😊👍” Miss Priscilla 😘
Shao HuShao Hu
13:36 01 Sep 20
Staff was cleaning the counter when I stepped in. They told me that they will clean when each customer leave the room also. Very responsible shop
Yusuf HusainiYusuf Husaini
11:39 20 Jul 20
From my experience, the place is very clean with a calming ambience which is a getaway from stress. Staff is polite, cheerful and helpful. Its worth to give a try 😊
kin foo chinkin foo chin
16:24 25 Oct 23
Eileen and Niki were super friendly and supportive. It was my first time, they went through the treatment process clearly before starting the session. Felt very confident. Thank you for the good service! 😊⭐️
Ronald LohRonald Loh
14:13 23 Oct 23
I had my own beautician before but I’m not here to compare cause everybody and every clinic has its own unique I guess but after my first time here is such an superb experience! I did my facial with Therapist Stella and consultant Carolyn, she was so gentle to your skin yet detail, she gave me a lot of information and knowledge about the skincare and your daily skincare routine. I’m so happy with the final results of my skin after facial, so radiant and hydrating..You guys should try to come here and do your facial girls and boys! I’m so gonna change my beautician soon 🥹Thank you everyone in Mirage Aesthetic Scoot Looking forward for my next treatment..
Zi LoonZi Loon
14:36 22 Oct 23
The facial treatment here is top-notch. The esthetician knew exactly what my skin feel needed and made the experience truly enjoyable, and for here the interior design is stunning. It's so elegant. After this facial treatment I feel my skin rejuvenated, refreshed, and glowing.Thanks to Stella therapist and consultant Carolyn. Strongly recommended 👍🏼
Me RealMe Real
03:07 22 Oct 23
My first time with Mirage Aesthetic Scotts Square and I was very impressed with Stella therapist andCarolyn consultant who did an amazing job with the facial. She explained the treatment as well as provided a detailed step by step process to be followed to keep my skin hydrated. I will surely come back and would suggest this place to my friends.
Lilly YappLilly Yapp
10:56 20 Oct 23
I staying in KL, and recently went to Singapore for travel. Then, I had a facial treatment with one of the consultant Nikki in Mirage Aesthetic. The best things is I really had an unforgettable experience. I can says that my face feeling clean and clear! Nevertheless, Nikki started to explain about how to keep my skin healthy. Then, she introduced me a facial products which is under my budget. She was so gentle that never force me to purchase.Last but not least, my skin felt naturally and refreshed after visited with this shop. I strongly recommend to have try with their services.
Pang .CixinPang .Cixin
10:35 14 Oct 23
First time here in Mirage Aesthetic Scotts Square and it was super good experience! Had the trial for Premium Glow.My consultant, Carolyn, was very detailed in her advices and what treatment to go for. My aesthetician, Niki, was really friendly and gentle throughout the whole process!Really recommend here to everyone 🙂
Victoria Jean PhuaVictoria Jean Phua
11:11 07 Oct 23
Great experience and service by Eileen who was thorough with explaining the various treatments suitable. No hard sell which was also a plus. Therapist Elina was also giving heads up each step of the way. Came out with skin feeling nice and squeakily clean. Thumbs up.
Anna Viola PrincenaAnna Viola Princena
18:40 27 Sep 23
I went to Scotts Square branch, and I do the Premium Glow Facial. This place has elegant design, combined with its top-notch service, made for a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience. The attentive and courteous staff catered my needs My consultant Carolyn ensured that I was as comfortable as possible. Mandy mu therapist done it perfectly. This is convenient location and has outstanding service. Thank you as well to Perry who assisted me to get slot.
I had an amazing experience with Mirage Aesthetic Scotts Square. The customer service was top-notch thank you Perry, My Consultant Eileen and Therapist Elina done a fantastic job. Their product exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality products and excellent service. LED TEETH WHITENING truly effective 👌🏻
Jessie MontalboJessie Montalbo
13:21 27 Sep 23
I can’t say enough good things about Mirage Aesthetic most especially this outlet, SCOTTS SQUARE. From the moment I contacted them, they were responsive and accommodating, thanks to Perry. To Eileen (Consultant) & Mandy (Therapist) quality of their work is exceptional, and I couldn’t be happier with the final result. MY teeth totally improved! ☺️
Nijani narthanaNijani narthana
10:05 25 Sep 23
I recently had a facial treatment and I had an amazing experience. Eileen started with a thorough consultation to understand my skin type and concerns. She then customized a facial specifically for me. Elina performed the facial, and she was so gentle and professional. My skin felt incredibly refreshed and hydrated after the facial. I would highly recommend the place!!
Lily LeeLily Lee
11:18 12 Sep 23
Carolyn was the assigned consultant. She displayed great professionalism in explaining the various treatments available and the benefits of each.Stella assisted with the treatment process and was very attentive in making sure the treatment was confortable.Overall a pleasant experience.
Catherine KusumaCatherine Kusuma
12:26 06 Sep 23
My experience was really great! Eileen was very polite and help to explain the procedure for the BB glow treatment. Elina was also super skilled and gentle during the treatment. Overall really happy with the results and service!
Joey ChongJoey Chong
08:22 04 Sep 23
Consultant: CarolynTherapist: AnnaEnvironment is nice! Staff are all friendly! Not overly aggressive of hardselling but overall I hope it’s worth the experience, comfort & results! All very professional & caring for comfort 🙂
Crystal KiewCrystal Kiew
11:05 01 Sep 23
The staffs (especially Eileen & Janice) here are very attentive and the environment feels safe & clean. The consultation felt professional and they’re not overly aggressive with hard selling, respecting their customers. When doing treatments, they are very attentive and thoughtful. Having small conversation and noticing whenever if there are any discomfort.Very good schedule management and follow up with texts makes it effortless.
Allisya KitzAllisya Kitz
07:52 31 Aug 23
Have been going to Mirage Aesthetic at Scotts Square few times and all staff are friendly and welcoming. Elina did a good job on delivering a smooth, gentle facial treatments. Eileen is very good in recommending treatments/products and knowing her customers profile. Thank you for the service Mirage Aesthetic! 🙂
Siew Lan OngSiew Lan Ong
09:09 28 Aug 23
First time trying out LED teeth whitening. It was fast and can see instant result. As I went for the basic one so the yellow stain is still quite obvious. Therapist Stella was professional and friendly. Consultant Carolyn is knowledgeable and not pushy. Overall experience was good.
Clyne Lois FloresClyne Lois Flores
10:27 25 Aug 23
Did an underarm treatment with mirage and the procedure was painless, effective, and fast. The staffs' Carolyn and Janice who catered to our needs are very friendly and approachable as well. Overall, we are very much satisfied with the service and will continue to go and avail of their services.
Sherlyn KYTSherlyn KYT
12:03 22 Aug 23
The clinic was very clean and the staff was really sweet and nice! Carolyn’s and Elina service was also very good and the session is very fast and smooth. The overall process was comfortable and painless. I did the basic teeth whitening and I really saw results instantly.
Nahid Tahrima RashidNahid Tahrima Rashid
10:44 19 Aug 23
I had a really great experience with Mirage aesthetics. The consultant, Eileen explained the process and the alternatives available to help me choose the service more applicable for me. The therapist, Elina was very professional and gave me really great service with helpful advise for future maintenance. I would come back here again
Nav 17Nav 17
08:50 19 Aug 23
Eileen and Jingyi were super friendly and supportive. It was my first time, they went through the treatment process clearly before starting the session. Felt very confident. Thank you for the good service! 😊⭐️
Dream CzDream Cz
09:19 17 Aug 23
Ongoing underarm treatment here and always having great experience during every visit, all the staffs are very friendly and patient, big thanks to Eileen and Stella especially. Very calming environment to relax and enjoy the treatment. Keep up the good work!
Ed AEd A
11:36 15 Aug 23
From the get go the staff were already very friendly. The place was very cozy and clean. Carolyn did well explaining all the treatments and was very good at convincing 😁The treatment with Stella was smooth. She was very welcoming and set expectations regarding the treatment, taking note to explain clearly since it was my first time.
08:43 13 Aug 23
Staffs gave a top-notch good service and are very friendly and polite. Consultant Eileen gave considerable and specific explanation for the treatments and made sure the treatments given are effective. Staff Anna put out a great service for my treatment and made sure i was comfortable. After 4 sessions of hair removal , it was a pleasure to say it works.
10:20 12 Aug 23
Customer service good. Nice environment and cozy.. carolyn is a nice consultant , cheerful and patient. She explained everything clearly to me and help me in what’s i needs.Anna is a nice, cheerful, gentle and patient consultant. I’m happy with her service towards me.
Leyla KarimzadehLeyla Karimzadeh
09:55 09 Aug 23
Stella was great and explained every steps very clearly. The staff was nice and accommodating. Carolyn explained all the different options and helped me find the best treatment for me. Great experience overall.
11:01 30 Jul 23
Consultant Eileen is very professional, will recommend according to your needs, and the staff are always pleasant. A bit pricey but feels great coming here everytime! The rooms and clean and the treatments are effective
Hui Chia SengHui Chia Seng
09:12 30 Jul 23
Consultant Carolyn was very friendly and patient. She introduces all the options and recommended the most suitable one. No hard selling. Clinic is clean and comfortable. Jingyi is experienced and patient throughout the treatment.
Rizza Lyn WongRizza Lyn Wong
04:05 30 Jul 23
I just went to Scotts Square branch, all staff here are very accommodating. Thank you for assisting me Perry, and Eileen who done my teeth analysis, she briefly explain all information. Thank you Mandy, she totally skilful and gently doing my teeth. This branch is highly recommended.
Ngooi Zhi ChengNgooi Zhi Cheng
10:15 15 Jul 23
Carolyn was great 👍🏻 not pushy, and we could genuinely tell that she was knowledgeable and care for the quality of our skinAnna, was really nice and genuine, sincere consultant with no frills and smoke.Jessie handled my skin with great care, extraction was relatively painless as well ☺️
Sheena WongSheena Wong
10:09 25 Jun 23
First time experience with mirage aesthetics. The staff are all very friendly. Carolyn offered a range of products for teeth whitening and all were reasonable to my needs.Mandy assisted with the teeth whitening procedures and was really patient and detailed.I enjoyed the service and treatment.Recommend!
khee miangkhee miang
11:49 20 Jun 23
I have done Ice Plus hair removal services at this outlet and Therapist Mandy & Consultant Carolyn was friendly and knowledgeable. Their service was really great and I always enjoyed coming here. Shout out to Therapist Mandy for her superb service!! Thank you!
Deanna HwangDeanna Hwang
04:33 16 Jun 23
Been coming here for hair removal treatment (SHL) and the results have been great. Carolyn and Mandy have made me feel comfortable during the whole process and I could definitely see the results within the first session. Highly recommend checking Mirage Aesthetic out for their hair removal services.
JinYi LauJinYi Lau
08:33 15 Jun 23
Consultant Eileen is very professional in her work, she recommends personalized solutions to suit your requirement.Therapists Stella and Mandy are good at what they do.The overall ambience is comfortable, complete with drinks while waiting for your turn. Their treatments are also effective.
Liyana DalyLiyana Daly
04:32 06 Jun 23
I've been having several sessions with Mirage now and it's been a good experience thus far. My consultant Eileen and my therapist Stella has been great. They were very helpful and answered any queries I may be having. The room is always clean and bright, and the service has been excellent. Would definitely recommend it to others.
Hui Qi TeoHui Qi Teo
07:12 01 Jun 23
Came here for the first time for LED teeth whitening. Had a pleasant experience overall. Consultant Carolyn was very friendly and patient. She recommend the best treatment that catered to my needs and Niki did the treatment for me. She was also friendly and gave clear instructions. Service was good and there was no hard selling. Clinic is clean and bed felt comfortable as well. Highly recommended.
Bushra JahanBushra Jahan
03:22 12 May 23
Stella and Eileen were very nice with their service. Really appreciate it. I have a really great experience with Mirage. Eileen helped to explain everything regarding all the services they are offering. She has good knowledge and very polite.Stella who takes my session is super nice, gentle and welcoming. They really care for my comfort during the SHR underarm sessions
Sylvia SzuSylvia Szu
05:31 16 Mar 23
Today was my first time here. Consultant Carolyn, Niki and Perry were really nice and made a comfortable approach and whole experience. Carolyn was very friendly and patient. She took the time to explain and recommend the best treatment for me. I love the place and environment.Thank you for all for helping and care for me. 🙂 will come back again!
Khushali MehtaKhushali Mehta
10:05 31 Jan 23
Hello people, I have a really great experience with Mirage. Ms Carolyn who initially explained everything regarding all the services they are offering. Her knowledge is on point and very professional.Ms Stella who takes my session is super gentle and welcoming. They really care for your comfort. No hard selling. Highly recommended 👍🏼
rebecca wongrebecca wong
04:40 27 Jan 23
Consultant Carolyn was very friendly and patient. She took the time to explain and recommend the best treatment for me.Mandy helped me with the treatment and was very detail oriented and friendly. Instructions were clear and she ensured that I always remained comfortable. Overall the ambience is very nice and the centre is clean and comfortable. Thank you!
michelle lokemichelle loke
10:29 13 Jan 23
Met by Carolyn and the therapist was Mandy. Both professional ladies who were very kind and helpful. Friendly and warm space , offering tea and a thorough explaination of services available and options to customize. Highly recommended for a relaxing visit and a non pushy sales environment.
Chingky Lee YapChingky Lee Yap
11:11 06 Jan 23
Went to this place and done LED Teeth Whitening, absolutely got improvement shade of my teeth its 8 lighter! The staff here are too friendly, thank you to my Consultant Eileen who help me to understand the process and to Elina my Therapist her skill is superb. Also to Perry to help to slot me in with their busy appointments. 100% recommendable. 👌🏻
Jiayi LeeJiayi Lee
05:51 30 Dec 22
Consultant: EileenTherapist: StellaEileen is very knowledgeable and is able to advise on my area of concerns. While Stella is good at her skills and did a great job in extraction and the entire process for my facial experience does not seem too rush. The pace was just right.
Fiona Cheng Kai XinFiona Cheng Kai Xin
03:39 03 Dec 22
Carolyn and Niki are very friendly and efficient. They were very patient in explaining and providing me with their services and also advising me the best treatment for my hair removal. Have been with them for close to a year and is very satisfied with the overall results. Will continue to come for my treatments here at Mirage.
Margareth PuteriMargareth Puteri
05:13 02 Dec 22
This is my second visit and it has been great each time. The staffs are always so friendly and gentle on the treatment, very attentive too. Eileen is very knowledgeable and she helped me to choose the most suitable treatment for me. The place is very comfortable and welcoming as well. I’ll be looking forward to the next visits and seeing the results from the treatment!
Shan Luqman MaryamShan Luqman Maryam
06:19 02 Nov 22
I love coming to Mirage at Scotts. The lovely ladies welcome me with a warm smile and open arms each and every time. The staff are indeed very experienced. During every treatment, I feel so relaxed and I fall into slumber as they do their magic on my skin. The treatment leaves my skin flawless and as I walk out the door, I feel refreshed and as beautiful as every woman should be. Thank you Eileen and Mandy for taking such good care of me all this time.❤️ Shan
Yong FishYong Fish
03:18 08 Oct 22
Great service from my facial therapist, Pauline. She’s very attentive to the issues I have mentioned and have been following up on my face conditions during my session. She caters to my needs and offers what’s best for my skin. I appreciate the effort and am satisfied with her professional service 🙂
Snowy WongSnowy Wong
04:31 06 Oct 22
First trial of this beauty saloon. Thought that its just same as other beauty saloon, until I try her services - Elina. She is the nicest therapist I met. She comes with professional knowledge, giving me the best suggestion. Giving comfortable service, no hard sell, friendly. Highly recommend!
Sirjana PokhrelSirjana Pokhrel
01:39 02 Oct 22
I am satisfied with the treatment, even after only one session ice plus, I was really happy to see the result. My consultant Eileen explained to me clearly on different types of treatment and which will be best option for me, my therapist Niki also gave me the treatment well, with the intensity of the machine I am capable to tolerate, to the parts where I may need more treatment. And I feel that the mirage has a very good teamwork.
Brown CowBrown Cow
07:06 05 Sep 22
Friendly and helpful staff who provide quality service. Always feel comfortable with the treatment and service here. Detailed explanation on the service by the consultants as well. Will recommend people to give it a try.
Claire CClaire C
10:50 18 Aug 22
The word premium in its name is very apt as the experience here makes one feel pampered and refreshed. Consultant Carolyn is helpful with explaining details of various package. My package is finishing and would like to sign up for more. I would also recommend Elina who is professional and quick.
Alice YongAlice Yong
02:30 18 Jun 22
The Ice Plus Treatment is amazing! Clear result just after 1 session and after 3-4 sessions, hair is gone completely. Price is a little steep but the results are amazing.
lydia linlydia lin
14:18 12 Jun 22
Therapist was very very dedicated and did her best. But I waited really long for the treatment to even start.I’ve written a detailed account to your management, please kindly look into it.
Nicole L.Nicole L.
09:25 01 Jun 22
1st time here at Mirage Aesthetic. Carolyn and Niki were great helping me with my first trial session here. They were really friendly and professional and made me comfortable so it was a pleasant experience overall (:
Annie VooAnnie Voo
07:19 30 May 22
First time here at Scotts Square. Served by Carolyn & Niki. Carolyn is very professional and knowledgeable. Niki is very gentle during the whole treatment process. Definitely will come back again. Thumbs up!
04:56 28 May 22
The service was exceptional and all the staffs was very friendly. I was given a thorough consultation to decide which process is best for my skin type (yet to know the result so can’t say that the recommendation is accurate). Although there’s some sales talk (as it’s their job), didn’t feel like there was hard selling or pressure to buy more packages. Overall, very good experience and will definitely go back.
Vanessa ChongVanessa Chong
04:16 28 May 22
Had a pleasant time at Mirage Scotts. My consultants Mandy & Elaine were pleasant and settled me in comfortably. They were super detailed and went through my concerns. Both treatment and environment were great! Happy to recommend to my friends 😊
Ricca OcampoRicca Ocampo
12:21 25 May 22
It was a smooth and pleasant experience with Mirage. First time to use their service and so far it’s been good. Evelyn is knowledgable and helpful. Mandy was also kind and very professional.
Katherine WongKatherine Wong
12:31 16 Apr 22
Super friendly and always greeted by smiley staffs! I recommend to try their trials first , then decide whether to continue purchasing a package. I tried their 12 sessions of SHR at a discounted rate for first time customer, the service was top notch and pleasant. However , it wasn’t really effective. After consultation with Evelyn, it was due to the thickness and amount of hair. Eventually bought the ICE plus package because I truly enjoy their service, and I have seen a big progress with just 2 sessions.
07:47 12 Apr 22
I had a pleasant time in Mirage Aesthetic. Great service and hospitality by the staffs there. My consultant, Carolyn, is very kind and understanding. I explained to her my situation and she did her best to find a perfect package for me. Overall a great experience!
Eunice NgEunice Ng
12:11 08 Apr 22
Had a pleasant experience always at Scotts Square when i have my facial. Super friendly and always greeted by staffs!I bought their first trial for BB glow facial. Recommend to try out first before decide whether to continue purchasing a package.I tried their BB glow facial at a discounted rate for first time customer, their service is really the service was top notch and pleasant. After that , i sign up for 12 sessions with them. The results are visible, my skin more fairer and hydrated after every session.
Yuxin LinYuxin Lin
09:37 05 Apr 22
Initially came to this place after signing up for the first timer deal. Similar to other beauty salons, they will try to sell you other packages. However my consultant, Carolyn, was very understanding and took the time to explain to me the different packages. She also did not put pressure on me and even said it is perfectly fine to reject and it was up to me. Eventually bought the Ice Plus Super Hair Removal which is said to have a much faster and better effect. Very friendly staff and clean place, was a great experience and highly recommend 🙂
Su Ping ChoySu Ping Choy
11:21 04 Apr 22
Had a good experience with Mirage Aesthetic.Special thanks to Carolyn and Mandy.The staff here damn friendly and won’t hard sale.Love the environment here and feel comfortable 💕
Elena ZhangElena Zhang
02:45 31 Mar 22
Had a very pleasant time at Mirage Aesthetic. The whole process from the consultation to the actual facial was very comfortable and everyone was very friendly and nice. They do their best to provide and recommend the best services suitable for my skin and constantly check in to see if I’m comfortable with the procedures. Immensely grateful!
Chong Tee EEChong Tee EE
03:53 29 Mar 22
It’s my first time visit to Mirage but unfortunately it was raining heavily when I’m on my way there , thank you very much to Gianna for bringing the umbrella for me so I could reach there safely, also they offered me a hot drink and towel when I arrived there.The staff are very friendly and professional, thank you to Eunice and Joanne too for the consultation and therapy. I’m happy with my teeth whitening result , very recommended!
Jolene QuekJolene Quek
14:53 28 Mar 22
Great service and hospitality by the staffs at Mirage. Easy and comfortable process from the start of consultation to booking of appointments. Just started my treatment 1 month back and looking forward to more sessions!
Nimfa Francisco BibonNimfa Francisco Bibon
11:58 28 Mar 22
Twas always a smooth service at Mirage Scotts Square branch especially Ms.Perry who always made sure I got the best treatment! Thanks team and keep up the good work in making your costumer confident and beautiful every after session.
Lace NakpilLace Nakpil
14:27 27 Mar 22
My first to visit here. Good service and nice people accommodate me well. Thank you to Luna and Athena.The staff very kind and accommodating.
Kuanswan CheungKuanswan Cheung
13:54 25 Mar 22
Ambience is great, service is good too. Staff are friendly and attentive. I like the glow treatment.
GKR _0127GKR _0127
12:25 25 Mar 22
Perfect and detailed service in terms of consultation and facial service. Great hospitality received by the kind staffs while the Premium glow session, extraction and the third treatment went smoothly and was professionally handled by the aesthetician. Impressed with the results and would consider to patronise. Thank you Mirage Aesthetic
Nur RaihanNur Raihan
11:57 25 Mar 22
This is a warm, friendly, professional one-stop beauty salon! You can get your facial, hair removal and teeth whitening all in one place (appointment required). Staff are amazing, understanding and knowledgeable. Great service!
Sham ChuhaoSham Chuhao
12:20 21 Mar 22
I was served by both Eileen and Elina for my white whitening treatment. Both were super professional at their crafts. Highly recommended!
Nurul ZulkfleeNurul Zulkflee
08:40 24 Jan 22
Went there for the $138 teeth whitening package, on their website states you could achieve up to 8 shades lighter, so I booked an appointment for it. When I came, I was assessed and was told that if I went on with the original package, there won't be much of a difference so the consultant told me to take the $500 teeth whitening. It was a one time $500, she told me it will get whiter. I hesitated, told her to stick to the original plan for $138. After checking with my husband, he said go for the $500 package, since they say it will help with the shade of my teeth. After the session, only my top teeth were like 2 shades lighter. The rest, not much of a difference. Then the consultant hard sell me the $500 session again, to come back and insisted I called my husband to check with him. Mind you, I already have social anxiety and with the consultant pestering me to get the $500 session once more with not much difference to what I just had, I don't think it's worth the money.
grace laugrace lau
10:30 14 Dec 21
First class and top notch services , its a great place to enjoy & pamper self time.Received great hospitality & services from consultant Ms Luna Ho.The BB glow trial session is impressive and I could see skin glowing and tighten. Thank you so much, Mirage Aesthetic! Keep up the good work and continue do the best.stay safe and take care.
Me and my boyfriend went on the 15th November at Scotts square outlet. It doesn't matter which voucher you bought at fave app and was told need not to buy the fave voucher and just pay at the outlet. And now we know why. We were asked to fill in our particulars and some typical questionnaires of your skin care routine and which skin area issues you're concern about. And then, you will get yourself a customised facial treatment and freebies. My boyfriend was told to cancel the fave voucher which he bought. The whole facial session was pretty good and some little minor pain. The outcome was very satisfying and of course, it had to be. Cos, it the total cost was $693.36 instead of $51.46. Hard selling in the end after facial session and we felt very very stressful. So in the end we just paid our bill without adding additional facial sessions. And, we didn't get those promised freebies. The atmosphere was awkward and face expression changed. My boyfriend told me Eileen didn't even bother to look at us when we leave. I felt some embarrassment but wait, did we do something wrong or did we owe them anything?
wee ying jianwee ying jian
10:48 30 Nov 21
Good service at the Scott’s Square Mirage Aesthetic Outler. Was served by consultant Eileen who was nice and thoughtful in going through with me the process of the treatment and catering to my needs. My teeth showed instant results and the treatment wasn’t painful at all. Special thanks to Athena for the whitening treatment.😋
IffenJepon 1992IffenJepon 1992
09:22 11 Nov 21
Nice & cozy ambience. A great place to pamper and having me time. Hospitality was great. Service was definitely a top notch. Did my 3D wonderlift trial session and I could see my saggy eyes being lifted. Thank you so much, Mirage Aesthetic! You guys are the best!
Xin YunXin Yun
04:24 11 Oct 23
First time trying a new hair removal treatment method and the staff were very friendly and patient in explaining the process and made sure to answer any of my queries. Special thanks to my advisor, Venus, and my therapist, Jun, for the great service! 🙂
Azmina MohideenAzmina Mohideen
05:59 10 Oct 23
Had a great experience here! Extremely patient staff - lili spent a lot of time going over my skin concerns to advise on the most suitable treatment. The facial was done by Angie and she was skilled and gentle on the skin
Nadia AshilaNadia Ashila
12:47 29 Sep 23
Venus was extremely helpful and managed to find the best solution for me that suits my specific requirements as well as my budget.She was pa