Hydrating Set

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Elevate your skin’s hydration game with this exclusive skincare bundle. Immerse your complexion in a deep, nourishing pool of moisture, banishing dryness and leaving your skin plump, supple, and revitalized. This set is your secret to achieving a radiant, dewy glow every day.

This set includes: Mirage Miracle’s Hydra Boost Serum, Silk Protein Repairing Mask and 7 Wonders Cream.

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70 reviews for Hydrating Set

  1. Elizabeth


    My skin has a lot of allergies and is really sensitive, so I am really glad that this set accommodates to my conditions. The products provided works really well; after a week or 2, the results are very clear, my skin looks so much nicer, and it feels firmer. Fine lines and wrinkles also gradually disappeared after a short period of time with the help of the set. I am very satisfied with the set, and I feel so much younger now!

  2. Elizabeth


    The set made a huge difference to my skin care routine. My face is normally quite dry and flaky and applying makeup can certainly be an issue. However, that definitely changed ever since this set came into my life. It helped hydrate my skin a lot; thus, my skin rarely flakes now. I also like how the whole set will make your skin glow so bright and have such a smooth texture. The serums are also very nice to use; they have such a pleasant scent, and it does not give you the sticky after feeling whenever you use it. I assure you that this is one of the best products out there you can get if you really want to improve your skin care routine, I really highly recommend it!

  3. Elizabeth


    Astonishing and quick results, makes your skin have a nicer look and texture. For the results you’re getting, I would say buying it is really worth it!

  4. Elizabeth


    The set works so well together. I love the mask especially, it really helped hydrate my skin and tighten my pores. My face has such a nice smooth texture now, and it looks very dewy and bright.

  5. Elizabeth


    I like how it was able to be applied onto my sensitive skin and could also prevent breakouts which was quite common for me beforehand.

  6. Elizabeth


    Not only did it hydrate and moisturise my face so well, but it also helped to reduce my fine lines and wrinkles, and make my pores fade away. My face no longer have that dull, dark look anymore, and it is glowing brighter than ever.

  7. Elizabeth

    kai hong

    The set is very easy to use, and it really helps to hydrate your skin and glow it up.

  8. Elizabeth



  9. Elizabeth


    Amazing product at a very good price. You will not be disappointed.

  10. Elizabeth


    This product is literally life changing! I have EXTREMELY oily skin and using this dramatically reduced my oil. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this product is….

  11. Elizabeth


    Great for breakouts. It doesn’t necessarily prevent my breakouts, but it keeps the inflammation down and keeps it from spreading. It absorbs quickly and feels weightless. I wear it under products and it doesn’t affect how it goes on.

  12. Elizabeth

    Wang Xiaojing

    wow , my wife love it so much , perfectly suit her skin

  13. Elizabeth

    Claire Ng

    one of the best skin essence. it make my skin very glowy and supple also minimized signs of aging. best paired with a good cleanser and moisturizer. you definitely need to try this

  14. Elizabeth

    Celine Koh

    The price is quite high but the results for me is good… this is 2nd purchase and I love it, I can feel and can see the difference of my skin before and after used this product ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Elizabeth

    Jonnie Lim

    This moisturizer left my face feeling soft and hydrated. I felt like it penetrated my skin to get into those soft fine lines. It is definitely going to be my go to moisturizer from now on. I also like the light fragrance of the product but is still great for sensitive skin.

  16. Elizabeth

    Ruo Lin

    This cream is both light and hydrating and I hope the ingredients will improve my skin texture and increase brightness. I love the cucumber fresh scent that fresh products have, and the jar is really nice, too.

  17. Elizabeth

    Jocelyn Sy

    So far so good. I’ve been using this for 3 weeks now and loving the results. I have sensitive skin and this is the perfect moisturizer to use morning and night. It’s a cream but it’s light, non sticky, and has a light refreshing scent.

  18. Elizabeth

    Isabella Thiang

    Using this product first time, looks great

  19. Elizabeth

    Yvonne Wang

    This product really helps to maintain my daily skincare

  20. Elizabeth

    Angeline Chong

    This skincare is a super good product, easy to use and my face is sparkling!

  21. Elizabeth

    Winnie Chuang

    This product has changed my skin. Bumps and scars that I’ve had for years have faded away. I finally have smooth skin.

  22. Elizabeth

    Tee Pei Yee

    Awesome!!! Totally suggest

  23. Elizabeth

    Kimi Lau

    This a great product. Works so well.

  24. Elizabeth

    Samantha Ng

    Love fresh skincare. Has really improved my skin

  25. Elizabeth

    Rachel Ang Hui San

    super good. been intro to all my dry skin friends. they love it too. if you have dry skin, strongly recommend you to use this

  26. Elizabeth

    hannah yap

    lovely moisturizer from fresh, my must buy product

  27. Elizabeth


    immediately in few hours you can feel the effect that it kept my face almost oil free and matt!!! feels so good. in less than 2 weeks i do feel my face look smoother and brighter despite not having enough sleep. i dont feel any stinging effect. its perfect and affordable.

  28. Elizabeth

    Sharlynn Ooi

    This has become my holy grail, I use it every morning and night and it soaks in really nicely + it’s super mosturizing and doesn’t leave a sticky residue

  29. Elizabeth

    Judith Ann Kumar

    still a skincare must-have for me! it plumps up my skin and helps with overall look and feel! for reference: i have dry, sensitive, mid-toned brown skin and suffer with hyperpigmentation.

  30. Elizabeth

    Shirley Liew

    ou just need a small amount of the facial oil. And my skin feels so much smoother. I use it in the morning and evening.

  31. Elizabeth

    Errena Tai

    Skin feels softer and well hydrated. Will be buying more products from this range!

  32. Elizabeth

    Lau Yi Wen

    Moisturizes effectively leaving skin soft and radiant

  33. Elizabeth

    Cassandra Fong

    I’ve been using this product for almost a month now and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the overall look of my skin.

  34. Elizabeth

    Sheena Low

    I love using this product each day. It has been perfect with brightening and hydrating my skin.

  35. Elizabeth

    Ryanna Lee

    This is a great product, it makes my skin feel amazing and hydrated

  36. Elizabeth

    Jean Ong

    Very good product! Will purchase again

  37. Elizabeth


    good product. will buy again

  38. Elizabeth



  39. Elizabeth


    love this so much

  40. Elizabeth

    Tan SH

    Love hyaluronic serum! This serum is perfect for layering under my makeup. It gives my skin a smooth, hydrated base, and I don’t have to worry about my makeup looking cakey or dry throughout the day.

  41. Elizabeth

    Jia Min

    I highly recommend this serum to anyone looking for an affordable yet effective skincare product. It’s helped improve my skin’s overall health and appearance, and I plan on repurchasing it again and again.

  42. Elizabeth


    serum 和 ampoule都很好用! 他们家出名精华液,真的不错

  43. Elizabeth

    Hui Qin

    Love this set especially the serum it works great as a makeup primer too! It helps my foundation stay in place and look more natural.

  44. Elizabeth

    Joanne Lee

    My skin feels so much more hydrated and firm since using this ampoule. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a collagen boost

  45. Elizabeth


    Love collagen ampoule! This ampoule has helped minimize the appearance of my fine lines and wrinkles. It’s like a facelift in a bottle!

  46. Elizabeth

    Kah Yee

    I appreciate that this product set’s suitable for all skin types, as it can be hard to find products that work well for my sensitive skin.

  47. Elizabeth


    My fav product of this product set – Hyaluronic Serum is a great base for my makeup, and my skin looks so smooth and hydrated with it on. highly recommend

  48. Elizabeth


    I would definitely recommend this product set to anyone looking to improve their skin’s hydration, texture, and overall appearance.

  49. Elizabeth

    Jody Lao

    I’m so glad I tried this set. It’s made such a difference in my skin’s overall appearance and I love how versatile the Hyaluronic Serum and Collagen Ampoule are.

  50. Elizabeth


    I have combination skin and this set works wonders for me. It helps minimize excess oil and provides a perfect amount of hydration.

  51. Elizabeth


    This skincare set is amazing! I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my skin’s texture and hydration since using the Hyaluronic Serum and Collagen Ampoule together. It’s also helped minimize my fine lines and wrinkles!

  52. Elizabeth


    I’ve tried so many serums and ampoules, but this skincare set is hands down the best. My skin looks and feels so healthy and hydrated!

  53. Elizabeth

    Yi Ting Tan

    I’ve tried so many serums set over the years, but this one is by far the best. It’s so hydrating and has really improved the overall appearance of my skin.

  54. Elizabeth


    I love that their product is made with skin-friendly ingredients. I feel good about using it on my skin every day.

  55. Elizabeth


    This serum is so easy to incorporate into your daily routine. I just add a few drops to my moisturizer and I’m good to go!

  56. Elizabeth

    Thoo Yan Ling

    This one has made such a difference in the hydration and radiance of my skin, and it’s become a staple in my skincare routine.

  57. Elizabeth

    Jia Huan


  58. Elizabeth


    I don’t really like the smell form collagen ampule so I get this set and mix the collagen ampoule with the HA serum, the smell is better if you mix the ampoule with the serum! And I think the HA serum boost the effect of collagen ampule as well.

  59. Elizabeth

    Tee Hui Yan

    This is my second set. It’s helped with my acne scars and improved my overall skin tone. Satisfied!

  60. Elizabeth


    I love how easy it is to mix into my current skincare routine. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my pore size and overall glow.

  61. Elizabeth


    I love the texture of this serum. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any sticky residue. Highly recommend!

  62. Elizabeth

    Kimberly Tan


  63. Elizabeth

    Kelly Chan

    The ampoule and serum set is perfect. The hyaluronic acid in the serum is so potent! My skin feels plump and moisturized all day long 🙂

  64. Elizabeth

    Lily Ho Min Yi

    I mix the serum with my foundation and it makes my skin look flawless and glowing. Can’t live without it!

  65. Elizabeth

    Winnie Lao

    A must-have in my skincare routine. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my skin’s texture and radiance.

  66. Elizabeth

    Vivian Lim

    Love this set! The serum makes my skin feels so hydrated and firm after using it. Perfect for my dry skin

  67. Elizabeth


    This is the second time I purchase this set. My skin feels moisturized and smooth. Will continue support!

  68. Elizabeth


    I have sensitive skin, and usually if i use collagen ampule or anti ageing serum will cause me break out, but so far I don’t have any breakout after using half bottle of this product and I do see improvement for my skin !

  69. Elizabeth

    Vanessa Tan

    Love both products! Really hydrates my skin. I also notice my pores reducing and it look alot smaller now!

  70. Elizabeth

    Hui Shi

    Great combi to use! Very hydrating and ampoule absorbs really well into skin.

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