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Achieve blemish-free dream skin with this set that smoothes and brightens skin while effectively preventing acne aggravation. It provides continuous hydration, minimizes excess oil sebum, tighten pores and protects the skin against external pollutants.

This set of 3 includes- Mirage Miracle’s Acne Clear Ampoule, Aqua Foam Cleanser and Clear Care Serum.

For acne-prone, oily and combination skin.

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77 reviews for Anti-Acne Set

  1. Elizabeth

    Ariel Poh

    Excellent product, cured the acne that I had been trying to get rid of since 2021. Most of it has disappeared and now there is only a spot of two left.

  2. Elizabeth


    My skin is now free from acne after applying the products, my face is also glowing brighter than ever now.

  3. Elizabeth


    I love this product, my acne disappeared quickly, and I am so happy.

  4. Elizabeth


    Absolutely LOVE this set! My pimples and acne promptly disappeared after applying all of these for a week straight. Compared to other products, these work so much better as effects start to take place briefly!

  5. Elizabeth

    Rachel Chee

    My acne and pimples miraculously disappeared after applying all of these products. My skin feels so much brighter and smoother now!

  6. Elizabeth


    Helps to prevent acne and brightens up my skin!

  7. Elizabeth


    It helps to heal my pimples and moisturise my skin, Suitable for oily and sensitive skin!

  8. Elizabeth


    Helps to brighten up my skin and give me the glow! Amazing products

  9. Elizabeth



  10. Elizabeth


    Best product I’ve ever used for acne. I was randomly breaking out and have never had acne before… super fun times getting it at 24. This stuff literally saved my life. I was embarrassed to leave my house it had gotten so bad. Within 1 day of use, it started vanishing. I’ve never had a product visibly work so fast! Get it. You won’t regret it.

  11. Elizabeth


    Love this stuff! Has kept my skin clear and helps any breakouts I have gotten clear up fast! I have cystic acne and I haven’t had a single flare up since I started using this.

  12. Elizabeth

    Lesley Pang

    i have really bad acne that i have struggled to with my whole life i have tried so many things and i truly felt/thought that was it. until my mom brought me this i use it after the shower let it sit for a minute, (it makes your face feel tight) i put my lotion on top of it and it feels so great after(doesn’t feel tight after you apply lotion) , i go to bed and in the morning my face isn’t greasy and i saw a difference in just 2 days my face got so much clearer . the only thing is if you have use popped anything and put it in it does kind of burn alittle but doesnt late long!!

  13. Elizabeth

    Ee leen Lim

    One of a must have product for me.

  14. Elizabeth

    Nurhidayah Azaree

    Tightens facial skin even if it is not used for 1/2 year

  15. Elizabeth

    Winnie Phang

    Amazing product will repurchase again !

  16. Elizabeth

    Esther See

    it helps to control the breakouts. Easy to apply and not stinging or itchy so suitable for sensitive skin like mine.

  17. Elizabeth

    Anna Ng

    Really really love this anti-acne serum. It really helps prevent acne.

  18. Elizabeth

    Ginny Ho

    Great acne serum

  19. Elizabeth

    Helena Ng

    Great acne treatment! I use this serum once everyday after I wash my face using a foaming cleanser.

  20. Elizabeth

    kristine xie

    it works and help on acne skin

  21. Elizabeth

    Jules Wan Hashim

    love the smells. love it absorbs well. love that it’s not sticky. love the morning i wake up my skin always looks fresh. repurchase everytime. loveeeeee ittttt

  22. Elizabeth

    Esther Tay

    I have sensitive skin and this moisturize and soothe my skin very well. feels supple after applying. my favourite moisturizer from fresh so far!

  23. Elizabeth

    Sophia Tan

    I really like it so far! My skin is dry, sensitive and prone to blemishes, this cream nourishes my skin very well without making it oily! I wake up with smooth, hydrated skin unlike with many other creams out there.

  24. Elizabeth

    Rebecca Ong

    this product is amazing

  25. Elizabeth

    Amber Tey

    Been using this product and I am happy that this item already in Mirage. This helps to clear my acne. Highly recommended for acne prone skin. Looking forward to try their other lines also.

  26. Elizabeth

    Iris Ng

    I have been using this for about two weeks I was really surprised that this was working to minimize my pores. It has made my face look so much smoother and clear! One of the best products I have tried so far and the price makes it even better!

  27. Elizabeth

    Casper Ong

    this is a really good product. it got rid of most of my acne and i usually have quite a lot.

  28. Elizabeth

    Josie Ng

    I have really liked this product. It’s actually really helped my acne within 2 days of using it

  29. Elizabeth

    Tammy Chong

    I have been dealing with postpartum acne for 6 months now. Nothing seemed to help until this. My face is almost completely clear after four days of use. It’s amazing and I will be buying again!

  30. Elizabeth

    Charlie Chong

    This product has been reliably effective in healing breakouts.

  31. Elizabeth

    Pei yu

    But for serious, I have acne from some medications I’m on and aside from getting injections this product is the closest I’ve come to a clear face in years. I can’t believe it took me so long to find something that worked. Every other acne product I’ve used has messed with my sensitive skin, I’ve found that one product that can cure my skin issue !

  32. Elizabeth


    I have acne-prone skin with a lot of blackheads and whiteheads which sometimes turn into papules and pustules. I tried this after using an entire bottle of the regular strength, and I like it much better. It has a thicker texture which feels moisturizing, but more importantly, I saw instant results (like, softer skin with smaller bumps the next morning), and my skin has gotten better and better as I’ve used this the last 4 weeks.

  33. Elizabeth

    Xin Rui

    After years of struggling with adult acne and trying every product on the market from extremely expensive to every day products I found this one and literally have had more improvement than with any other product I have tried! Took about 2 weeks of continuous use and the results are amazing!

  34. Elizabeth

    Felicia Ng

    Like this product is good for the skin

  35. Elizabeth


    I’ve been using this set for a few weeks now and have noticed a significant improvement in my skin’s hydration and overall appearance.

  36. Elizabeth


    If you struggle with acne-prone skin, the Skin Set is a must-have. Love it

  37. Elizabeth

    Eva Chua

    I purchased the Blemish-Free Dream Skin Set a few weeks ago, and I’m already seeing amazing results! The Super Moisture Cleanser is so gentle and hydrating, and the Refining Face Polish has helped to smooth out my skin texture. The Clear Care Serum is the real star of the set, though – it’s helped to clear up my acne and minimize my pores. Highly recommend!

  38. Elizabeth

    Li Yan

    This set is amazing! My skin is smoother, brighter, and more even-toned after just a few uses. I highly recommend it to anyone with acne-prone skin.

  39. Elizabeth


    I love how this set provides continuous hydration without making my skin feel greasy. The Refining Face Polish helps get rid of dead skin cells and makes my skin look more youthful.

  40. Elizabeth


    I have tried countless skincare products over the years, but this set is by far the best. My skin is smoother, brighter, and clearer after just a few weeks of use.

  41. Elizabeth


    Id been using this for 2 weeks , it makes my skin smoother, and it also helps to eliminate blackheads and dryness.

  42. Elizabeth


    Amazing skincare set, definitely will recommend to my friends and family

  43. Elizabeth



  44. Elizabeth

    Shiao Wei

    2nd purchase for this product, love it

  45. Elizabeth


    喜欢mirage miracle的产品系列,真的帮我改善了很多皮肤问题

  46. Elizabeth


    I love how gentle the cleanser is, it doesn’t strip my skin of its natural oils. The face polish is great for exfoliating and the clear care serum really helps prevent breakouts.

  47. Elizabeth


    The scent of these products is so refreshing and the texture is amazing. My skin looks brighter and feels softer after each use.

  48. Elizabeth

    Zhi Wei

    I’ve struggled with acne for years and have tried countless products, but this set is by far the most effective. I highly recommend it to anyone with acne-prone skin.

  49. Elizabeth

    Kah Yi

    I noticed a reduction in redness and inflammation on my skin after using this set for just a week.

  50. Elizabeth


    I have sensitive skin, but this set has not caused any irritation or breakouts.

  51. Elizabeth

    Jia Shin

    I love that this set includes everything I need for a complete skincare routine. It’s so convenient!

  52. Elizabeth

    Josie Yeoh

    The Refining Face Polish is my favorite product in this set. It exfoliates my skin without being too harsh, and it leaves my skin glowing.

  53. Elizabeth


    The Super Moisture Cleanser is so gentle and hydrating. It leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed

  54. Elizabeth


    There’s improvement shown on my acne.. finally I found a suitable skincare product 🙂

  55. Elizabeth

    Pei Yi Tan

    Excellent. 3rd Purchase already.

  56. Elizabeth

    Serene Liew

    Relieve the outbreak
    Good, helps subside the acne. It’s isn’t oily.

  57. Elizabeth


    Really amazed to be seeing results after using this full set in just 2 weeks.

  58. Elizabeth


    My acne problems on my face has shown improvements after about 1-2 weeks usage. Products doesn’t smell strong, which I liked.

  59. Elizabeth

    Leanna Choo

    Have issues with breakouts now and then. After using this 2 step set for about a week, my acne issues subsides significantly! What’s great is that it doesn’t feel sticky/oily after use.

  60. Elizabeth

    Shu Hui

    Wonderful. Have been using this product for years.

  61. Elizabeth

    Tina Luo

    See improvement on my skin after using this product for a month. Will continue to purchase and use it

  62. Elizabeth


    Their product is soooo good, all 3 are very useful and suitable for my skin!

  63. Elizabeth

    Yi Xuan Lee


  64. Elizabeth


    I highly recommend this product to anyone struggling with acne and blemishes. It’s worthy and delivers visible results.

  65. Elizabeth

    Hui Ying Ong


  66. Elizabeth

    Sofia Soo

    I am combination skin type, this product able to deal with clogged pores and uneven skin texture. It helped me achieve smoother and clearer skin.

  67. Elizabeth

    Choo Yan Fen

    I have sensitive skin and this product set doesn’t irritate it at all. It’s gentle but effective and I love how my skin feels after using it.

  68. Elizabeth

    Rebecca Chia

    Love all these products! It’s perfect for daily use and leaves my skin so smooth and radiant.

  69. Elizabeth

    Phoebe Lim

    Good product set! I’ve been using this set for a while now and I can’t believe how much it’s improved my skin. It’s smoother and more even than ever before. I’m so glad I found this product!

  70. Elizabeth


    Great product! Clear up all of my big pimples. Will purchase it again

  71. Elizabeth

    Samantha Yap

    Getting the 3rd set of this product for my daughter, it works well on her skin and have lesser breakouts. It will be best if could have add in the acne ampoule in this set !

  72. Elizabeth


    Love all of the products! Working well for my skin and my skin is sensitive type.

  73. Elizabeth

    Li Yun

    Have been using for about 3 months diligently. 70% of my acne has subsided (p/s always have acne issue since young). Happy with the result.

  74. Elizabeth


    Received after 2 days. Fast delivery. Comes in a really nice box and bubble wrapped. Will review again after i start using.

  75. Elizabeth


    I will post my photo if i can, had really bad acne breakout and after using this set plus consistent facial with mirage, i can say my skin is clearer by 70%. Really happy with the result.

  76. Elizabeth


    Delivery was quick and efficient. I’ve tried all the products so far and they are suitable for my sensitive skin. The cleansers are very gentle and my skin feels very clean with no tugging effect!

  77. Elizabeth

    Wen Jie

    Not only does this set prevents my pimples from popping out but my skin kinda glow after using it for 2 weeks . Will continue to use to see if my skin will improve further. Guys with acne issue, give it a try!

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