Aqua Foam Cleanser – 120ml

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Mirage Miracle’s Aqua Foam Cleanser gently and effectively removes dirt, impurities and excess oil without stripping the skin of essential moisture. Skin is left soft, hydrated, clean and smooth.

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All Ingredients

  • Water, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamide DEA, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Sodium Chloride, Fragrance (Parfum), Phenoxyethanol, PEG-120
    Methyl Glucose Dioleate, Citric Acid, Methylparaben, Allantoin, Disodium EDTA, Benzohenone-5, CI 60730, Gaultheria Procumbens (Wintergreen) Lead Extract


  • Add a couple drops of water to 1-2 pumps of Aqua Foam Cleanser and work between hands until a thick lather of microbubbles are formed to deeply purify your pores. Apply to damp face, massaging the skin in gentle circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with water.


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106 reviews for Aqua Foam Cleanser – 120ml

  1. Elizabeth

    Han Yu

    So much better than using normal soap to wash your face. This cleanser does not make my face dry but instead it hydrates it so well. I would definitely recommend it.

  2. Elizabeth


    Packaging is really nice, and it helps me hydrate my skin and prevent it from peeling. My skin also feels so much cleaner every time I use it.

  3. Elizabeth


    Makes my face very smooth and keeps it hydrated. One of the best cleansers I’ve ever use, will continue to repurchase and support.

  4. Elizabeth


    My skin feels so good and clean with the cleanser and also hydrates my dry skin.

  5. Elizabeth


    Definitely one of the better cleansers out there, my skin feels so clean and fresh after usage!

  6. Elizabeth


    amazing products for oily and sensitive skin

  7. Elizabeth


    It does it works well and feels good on my skin after use

  8. Elizabeth


    It definitely helps to reduce my pores and it makes my skin smoother

  9. Elizabeth

    Jannet Liew

    I love it. It cleanse my face well. Doesn’t dry off my face like soaps do.

  10. Elizabeth


    My favourite cleanser, will continue support

  11. Elizabeth

    Shu hui

    Very good foaming cleanser, love it!

  12. Elizabeth

    Lee Yan Ni

    It’s incredibly gentle on my skin yet so effective at removing dirt and excess oil. Love it

  13. Elizabeth


    I think it has helped with my enlarged pores. It has decreased breakouts and redness. Was not drying at all. Great value!!

  14. Elizabeth

    Clara Ng

    This has helped my oily, acne-prone skin more than any other product I have ever tried. My breakouts have almost completely stopped and I don’t get as oily throughout the day. Miracle product

  15. Elizabeth

    Betsy Er

    So good! Cannot live without this product. Sinks in immediately.

  16. Elizabeth

    Noor Haslinda ibrahim

    the best cleanser for my skin

  17. Elizabeth


    Great for sensitive, oily or dry skin. Especially great for mature skin. Leaves it soft and supple

  18. Elizabeth


    I love how clean my face after using this cleanser, feels so soft!

  19. Elizabeth

    Jevelle Yap

    Good product. Will repurchase

  20. Elizabeth

    Derek Ong

    Bought it for my mom, she like the cleanser very much

  21. Elizabeth

    Loke Siew Chen

    Great cleanser and moisturizer size for travel.

  22. Elizabeth


    my fav cleanser so far

  23. Elizabeth

    Celina Chong

    Best facial cleanser, even able to remove make up. Suitable for sensitive skin

  24. Elizabeth

    Vivid Soh

    Favourite facial cleanser, suitable for sensitive skin and even remove light make up

  25. Elizabeth


    I love the smell and i love how clean my face feels after using it. It’s basically the only face wash i use now days. I have great skin on my naturally, so i havent really seen an improvement. But i really like it

  26. Elizabeth

    Alvin Heng

    Love this product and brand a major must have in your daily routine

  27. Elizabeth


    Very nice cleanser for twice weekly mild exfoliation. Doesn’t dry up the skin, leaves the skin less congested.

  28. Elizabeth


    good travel size or good size of you just want to try it out

  29. Elizabeth


    i’ve been through 4 bottles of this stuff and i keep repurchasing, i love it. it’s brilliant at removing makeup

  30. Elizabeth


    hydrates my face without stripping my skin and also removes makeup. Definitely will repurchase

  31. Elizabeth

    Yi Wen

    很好用 用起来皮肤很湿润

  32. Elizabeth

    Kai Siang

    My girlfriend likes this product so much.

  33. Elizabeth

    Zi Ting

    Overall is good

  34. Elizabeth


    Very effective on my dry skin, loving it !

  35. Elizabeth

    Si Yu

    Smells very nice, very worth buying

  36. Elizabeth


    After using my skin turned to soft, very satisfied !

  37. Elizabeth


    Definitely worth to buy it.

  38. Elizabeth

    Wu Lei


  39. Elizabeth

    Christina Tham

    This cleanser is my number 1! My skin feels refreshed, clean, and incredibly soft after each use. I love it!

  40. Elizabeth


    I love using this cleanser! My skin feels refreshed and smooth after using it.

  41. Elizabeth


    If you are looking for a good foam cleanser then this is the one! It not only cleanses my skin thoroughly but also leaves it feeling hydrated.

  42. Elizabeth


    Has helped clear my skin up so well

  43. Elizabeth

    Sin Yee

    gentle on the skin and smells great!

  44. Elizabeth


    Good product. Highly recommend.

  45. Elizabeth


    I absolutely love this cleanser! It leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh, and hydrated. It also smells amazing and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

  46. Elizabeth

    Kai Li

    I have oily skin and have struggled to find a cleanser that doesn’t strip my skin of its natural oils. This one is perfect! It removes all the dirt and grime without drying out my skin, and my pores look smaller too!

  47. Elizabeth


    This cleanser is simply amazing! It lathers up nicely and washes away all impurities without leaving any residue behind. It’s gentle on my skin and has helped to reduce redness and inflammation.

  48. Elizabeth

    See Yin

    I have been using this cleanser for a week now and I am so impressed with how moisturizing it is! My skin feels so soft and hydrated after using it, and it doesn’t leave any residue or film on my skin. I highly recommend it for anyone with dry or dehydrated skin.

  49. Elizabeth

    Ching Ling

    This is by far the best cleanser I’ve ever used. It’s so gentle and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. And I love that it doesn’t have any harsh ingredients that could irritate my skin. I’ll definitely be repurchasing!

  50. Elizabeth


    I have sensitive skin, and finding a cleanser that doesn’t irritate it can be a challenge. But the Mirage Miracle Aqua Foam Cleanser is perfect for me. It’s gentle yet effective, and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped. I highly recommend it!

  51. Elizabeth


    I used this for about 2 weeks and I saw crazy results. My skin became clear and the texture and pores were literally gone. I love how much product you get for the price it’s so worth it

  52. Elizabeth


    This cleanser is very effective for oily and skin with pores. I love the smell and you don’t need much, little can do the job

  53. Elizabeth


    Teen daughter loves the dual cleansing team to keep controlling the breakouts and ensure the pores are free from blockages. This one flushes them out so well.

  54. Elizabeth


    I recently started using this cleanser and it’s quickly become my favorite. It’s very gentle and doesn’t irritate my skin. It removes all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. I also love that it doesn’t leave any residue.

  55. Elizabeth

    Joe Lee

    I have combination skin and this cleanser works wonders for me. It removes oil and impurities without drying out my skin. My skin feels hydrated and refreshed after using it.

  56. Elizabeth


    I’ve been using this cleanser for a few months now and I love it. It removes all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. It doesn’t irritate my skin or cause any breakouts. It’s become a staple in my skincare routine.

  57. Elizabeth


    This cleanser removes all the dirt and impurities without leaving my skin feeling stripped or tight. My skin feels hydrated and smooth after every use. I would highly recommend it to anyone with dry or sensitive skin.

  58. Elizabeth


    Great product. It smells amazing and leaves the skin clean.

  59. Elizabeth

    Min Yee

    It cleans your face gently without drying it out, and it makes your skin feel refreshed.

  60. Elizabeth


    Gentle cleanser, perfect size for travel. Not sure how cleaning it is (like I don’t feel super clean after using it – but it works well enough). Great for sensitive skin

  61. Elizabeth


    I love this foam it feels so great and doesn’t dry my skin.

  62. Elizabeth

    Jia Wen

    love love love!!! never once broke out, it cleans soo well and leaves skin soft.

  63. Elizabeth


    This is definitely a great cleanser. The foam is perfectly in a dense texture, just 1 pump is enough to clean you face, and it has a very pleasant smell, which let you enjoy face wash timing. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for cleanser, no matter you are dry or oily.

  64. Elizabeth


    I’ve been using this cleanser for a few weeks now, and I’m blown away by the results. My skin feels soft, clean, and hydrated, and it’s helped me achieve a more even complexion. I highly recommend it!

  65. Elizabeth

    Kelly Yee


  66. Elizabeth

    Ivy Yap

    I love how this cleanser removes all my makeup and impurities without drying out my skin. It’s gentle yet effective, and it’s helped me achieve the best skin of my life. I’m never going back to my old cleanser!

  67. Elizabeth

    Claire Lee Huey Yee

    This is a very gentle foam cleanser and it felt really good on the skin very hydrating smells very fresh

  68. Elizabeth

    Natalie Yong

    My all time favorite cleaner… I always buy 2 at a time, because I never want to run out. Very light, fresh and removes all makeup. An absolute staple for my daily routine.

  69. Elizabeth


    Favorite cleanser ever! Clean without drying, perfect for combination and sensitive skin. Unless they change the formula I will keep buying this.

  70. Elizabeth

    Hazel Chong

    A repeat purchase. It never disappoints me.

  71. Elizabeth


    It cleanse really well for my dry + oily combi skin. Always love the soft feel after wash on my skin.

  72. Elizabeth

    Elena Sim

    I love this foam it feels so great and doesn’t dry my skin.

  73. Elizabeth

    Wei Lip

    This cleanser worked really well, my skin felt clean after using it and it smelt nice too so that’s cool.

  74. Elizabeth

    Jia Yan

    I really love this cleaning 😍

  75. Elizabeth

    Adeline Chew

    Repeat order good for my daughter.

  76. Elizabeth


    My skin’s quite dry and I find this not as drying as other cleansers can be, but still leaves my face feeling clean. Foam is a plus for me, even if it has no practical function.

  77. Elizabeth

    Jean Chan

    This cleanser doesn’t cause any irritation or redness, even if I use it twice a day. It’s gentle enough for everyday use.

  78. Elizabeth

    Hui Yuan

    I appreciate that this cleanser is made with natural ingredients. It feels like a healthier option for my skin.

  79. Elizabeth

    Xiang Ni Ling

    I love that this cleanser doesn’t dry out my skin or leave it feeling tight. It’s a great option for those with dry or mature skin. GOOD

  80. Elizabeth

    Rui Jun Tan


  81. Elizabeth

    Chu Yee Wei

    I’ve noticed a reduction in breakouts since using this cleanser, my skin feels much clearer.

  82. Elizabeth

    Serene Ho

    Impressed by this product. I’ve been using this cleanser in the morning and at night and it’s definitely improved the texture and overall appearance of my skin.

  83. Elizabeth

    Wei Ying

    This cleanser has a light, refreshing scent that’s really pleasant to use.

  84. Elizabeth


    I appreciate that this cleanser is affordable and effective, it’s a great value for the price.

  85. Elizabeth


    I appreciate that this product is affordable and lasts a long time. A little goes a long way and it’s a great value for the price.

  86. Elizabeth


    Overall is good. I love the fresh feeling this foam cleanser gives my skin. It’s effective at removing makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed.

  87. Elizabeth

    Evonne K


  88. Elizabeth

    Kimberly Chia

    This cleanser has helped reduce the appearance of my pores and has improved the overall health of my skin. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a gentle and effective cleanser.

  89. Elizabeth

    Ong Ee Ting

    I appreciate that this product doesn’t contain any sulfates or parabens. It’s a great option for anyone looking for a cleaner, more natural skincare routine.

  90. Elizabeth


    I love the foam texture of this cleanser – it’s fun to use and feels luxurious on my skin. And best of all, it’s effective at removing dirt and impurities.

  91. Elizabeth

    Skelly Lim

    This foam cleanser is perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle. It’s quick and easy to use, but still effective at removing makeup and impurities

  92. Elizabeth

    Eileen Soo

    This foam cleanser is a great option for anyone looking for a gentle and effective cleanser. It’s affordable!

  93. Elizabeth

    Sin Yi


  94. Elizabeth

    Lim Xiang Ni

    I love how gentle and hydrating this cleanser is. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry.

  95. Elizabeth


    I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my skin’s texture and clarity since using this cleanser. Highly recommend!

  96. Elizabeth


    This cleanser is so effective at removing makeup and dirt without leaving any residue behind. I’m obsessed!

  97. Elizabeth

    Ying Ying

    用了这个cleanser, 洗脸之后完全不会干和紧绷,也不会脱皮

  98. Elizabeth

    Lee Jun Han

    My skin feels so refreshed and clean after using this Aqua Foam Cleanser. It’s definitely a must-have in my skincare routine.

  99. Elizabeth


    I’ve been using this cleanser for a few weeks now and I’ve noticed a reduction in breakouts and oiliness. Impressive!

  100. Elizabeth


    This cleanser is perfect for those with dry skin like me. It leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated.

  101. Elizabeth


    I have dry skin, but this cleanser so gently and I won’t feel dry after using it.

  102. Elizabeth

    Yi Xuan

    I have sensitive skin and this cleanser works very well for me, it is very gentle on my skin.

  103. Elizabeth

    Kelly Wang

    The bottle is cute and pretty! I’ve oily skin and I feel my face was fresh and clean after using this. Nice product !

  104. Elizabeth

    Xin Yi

    Suitable for my sensitive skin, can feel the skin is clean and fresh

  105. Elizabeth


    Nice gentle cleanser that doesn’t make my skin feel dry after use 🙂

  106. Elizabeth


    This cleanser feels good on my skin, after washing my skin feels clean and fresh. Would definetely recommend!

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