Glow Serum

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Discover your most luminous complexion yet. The Glow Serum targets existing dark spots and dullness, inhibiting melanin that leads to a skin whitening effect. It provides an instant glow, leaving your skin dewy, glassy and flawless.

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Size: 30 ML


  1. Apply serum on face and gently pat with fingertips from the middle of the face outwards, to allow for better absorption.
  2. For optimal results, follow with Wonder Glow Moisturizer Gel for added brightening and hydrating effects.
  3. Can be used daily, morning and night.

All Ingredients

  • Water, Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Tranexamic Acid, Butylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Polyacrylate-13, Potassium DNA, Polyisobutene, Ethylhexylglycerin, Polysorbate 20, Sorbitan isostearate, Sodium Oleate, Oligopeptide-68, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Disodium EDTA


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80 reviews for Glow Serum

  1. Elizabeth


    My skin feels hydrated and looks greater overall after usage, I recommend it.

  2. Elizabeth


    Love the serum, my face looks 10X brighter and is much softer. It also slightly aided with curing my acne.

  3. Elizabeth

    Terry Chua

    I rarely commend and give my reviews to products; however, I really do think this product deserves a lot of praise. The serum itself is very straight forward and the steps are easy to follow. Just short of 2 weeks of using it, I can see clear results it has on my skin. My face glows brighter than ever and all my dark spots are vanishing out of thin air. Furthermore, my dullness has like disappeared ever since using the serum and my face has such a nice, immaculate, moist kind of look. I am certainly very satisfied with the product, and I will come back to repurchase more of it in the near future.

  4. Elizabeth


    It does its job well, my face got a dewy look now and also my dark spots have almost completely vanished. I no longer have that lethargic look on my face 24/7 now, very happy!

  5. Elizabeth


    The serum helped to remove dullness across my face just after applying it. Face looks a lot more glowy afterwards and overall much better.

  6. Elizabeth


    Give me an instant glowy looks after applying! Will purchase it again!

  7. Elizabeth


    it helps my face looks glowy and dewy! definitely a must haves in my skincare routine

  8. Elizabeth


    Leaves my skin soft and with glow

  9. Elizabeth


    Love this serum! it helps to brighten my complexion just in 1 month, will repurchase

  10. Elizabeth


    Feels my skin brighten and my ance scars are lighten now !

  11. Elizabeth


    Very good product to complement skin care at night. I still have to get use to it though because some times my skin is too sensitive to it.

  12. Elizabeth


    Helped my acne a lot but it does dry out of skin a lot so I have to wear it with moisturizer

  13. Elizabeth


    My pores have disappeared! Such a great price for an awesome product

  14. Elizabeth

    Emelia Kay

    Really good products. Before using it, my skins got many acnes and bruises. After applying this clear lotion with essence for a month, I can see huge improvements, skins become brighten and smooth.

  15. Elizabeth

    Adeline Koh

    This facial treatment essence is a must have in any skincare routine. I’ve been using this essence for several years now and swear by it. Will definitely repurchase over and over again.

  16. Elizabeth

    Christine Ng

    Excellent skin product! I have been using this for quite sometime now and I am deighted with the result in my face.I will continue to patronize this product for my skin regime.

  17. Elizabeth

    Janice Chen

    I love Fresh skincare! I love that it isn’t heavily fragranced and is very effective. When I use this, my face feels more firm and glowy and hydrated. But it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy. This is my new fave night cream.

  18. Elizabeth

    Lee Wan Ting

    This has made my skin feel really smooth and nice and I’ve noticed that my bumps have started going down to. My skin is usually really sensitive but this hasn’t broken me out, so definitely recommend.

  19. Elizabeth

    Lim Carmen

    I absolutely love this product so much! The thickness is not too thick and not too thin and it stays on the skin overnight! I have dry to combo skin so this product is perfect! It also smells amazing, highly recommend!

  20. Elizabeth

    Jia Cheng Chong

    Excellent for break-outs and lightening.

  21. Elizabeth

    Norman Ng

    This has made my face smooth and I have noticed my pores smaller. Very worth it if you give it two weeks. It will do its job.

  22. Elizabeth

    Lawrence Lai

    I was shocked at how well this worked and so quickly.

  23. Elizabeth

    Daniel Wan

    Helped to clear up my skin overnight!

  24. Elizabeth

    SY Tan

    I love this product! it makes your skin so nice and glowy! I will definitely repurchase!

  25. Elizabeth

    Angela Lou

    really moisturising and glowing

  26. Elizabeth


    amazing product after using it before makeup to get your flawless skin to applying your foundation

  27. Elizabeth


    I will use this product in the morning after applying toner. After washing my face, my skin tend to dehydrated only few minute afterwards and it turned dull. Applying this can make my skin looks shining and bright, loving this.

  28. Elizabeth

    Odette Clarete

    Received on time in a nice and well packed container. I Love this product and brand. It is Worth the price. Suit my sensitive skin❤️ Will be using this forever🤗. I love thi brand so much.💕

  29. Elizabeth


    Consistency is a key. i used this for 3 month+, i started to saw so much differents. it’s even out my skin and gave a glow!!!!!. Also, my dark spot faded away in few weeks. Absolutely love it.

  30. Elizabeth


    I’ve gotten mixed results with this serum. Sometimes it really helps with my breakout, sometimes it caused breakouts. I think it all depends on how you mix your serums and my hormonal balance. But for this round, it is helping me clean out my pores.

  31. Elizabeth

    Aaron Ng

    have very dry skin, it makes my skin very soft and radiant

  32. Elizabeth

    Dennis Tan

    It moisturizes a lot, a few drops are enough

  33. Elizabeth

    Patricia Tan

    Goes on smoothly, skin feels soft

  34. Elizabeth


    I really enjoying using this product !

  35. Elizabeth

    William Ng

    Soothing and moisturizing

  36. Elizabeth

    Kent Lim

    Great price.. fast shipping! Will order again!

  37. Elizabeth


    It is working very well on my sensitive skin

  38. Elizabeth


    Loving it already my 2nd bottle skin looks very radiant and bright , more plumped skin 😍

  39. Elizabeth


    Bought this product again as it makes my skin feel bright and fresh and smells really good

  40. Elizabeth


    My skin looks so radiant now, very pleased with this serum.

  41. Elizabeth


    My skin always have this glowing look after using this serum and I love how it has evened our my skin tone.

  42. Elizabeth


    My stubborn dark spots has faded a lot and given me a natural glow. This serum is also very lightweight, my skin feel hydrated and refreshed from using it.

  43. Elizabeth


    My favorite serum ever!

  44. Elizabeth

    Jane Low


  45. Elizabeth

    shi shan


  46. Elizabeth

    Yi Qing

    I’m so happy with the results of this serum. My skin looks so much more even and radiant.

  47. Elizabeth

    Jing Ling

    I’ve been using this serum for a few weeks now and I can already see a difference in my complexion. My skin looks so much more radiant.

  48. Elizabeth

    Ee Ling

    I love how this serum targets dark spots and dullness. It’s the perfect addition to my skincare routine.

  49. Elizabeth


    I’ve been using this serum for a few weeks now and I can already see a difference in my dark spots. They’re starting to fade and my skin looks brighter and more even.

  50. Elizabeth


    Having the second bottle. I have very sensitive skin, but this serum is gentle enough for me to use every day without any irritation. It’s also helped even out my skin tone and give me a beautiful glow.

  51. Elizabeth

    Rachel Tan Hui Wen

    I use this serum every morning and I love how it gives me an instant glow. It’s the perfect addition to my daily skincare routine.

  52. Elizabeth


    This serum has helped me achieve the glass skin look that I’ve always wanted. It’s definitely worth the investment for anyone looking to brighten and even out their complexion.

  53. Elizabeth


    Really adds glow. Nice to use for evening skincare routine every other day if I feel I need extra something

  54. Elizabeth


    My fav skincare product as an early 20s. Repurchased many times. Leaves my skin soft and smooth and glowy

  55. Elizabeth


    Been using this since 2020 and really love the effects! It does make my skin glowing every morning.

  56. Elizabeth

    Felicia Tan

    I keep coming back for more because it’s works so well on my skin and I love it! Even recommended to a few friends and they are also loving the results they got!

  57. Elizabeth

    Sylvia Szu

    Great for sensitive skin and goes on nicely. I love using this serum and that it’s an antioxidant product. I would buy it again.

  58. Elizabeth

    Siew Lan Quek

    I’m a first time user, the moment this touched my face, I fell in love right away.

  59. Elizabeth

    Xuan Huan

    Though is a little pricy but it really works well on my skin!

  60. Elizabeth

    Hon Liang Yi

    A must have in my skincare routine! Makes my skin glow

  61. Elizabeth

    Puteri Aqilah

    such a good product and really brightens the skin and slowly but surely lightens dark spots and scars 🙂

  62. Elizabeth

    Anita Davi

    Serum was ok and my sister love it

  63. Elizabeth

    Bell Yong

    I love this product! it’s so refreshing and a little tip.. I like to keep it in the fridge because it adds a nice cooling effect on the face in the mornings.

  64. Elizabeth


    Ordered well received, excited to see how this serum works for me. Been a few days now and still quite please with it.

  65. Elizabeth

    Angel Tan

    My friend recommended me this and I am very surprise that it glows up my skin. Definitely having a repurchase. Would recommend to others as well.

  66. Elizabeth


    My skin use to be dull looking but after using this serum it has brighten my skin a lot and I hardly get comments that I have that tired looking face anymore.

  67. Elizabeth

    Cara Tan

    Repeat purchase! My skin texture has gotten so much better after using it. Highly recommend!

  68. Elizabeth

    Allegra Ong

    This product has helped me to reduce the blemishes scar on my skin. Really happy how it improved the look of my skin.

  69. Elizabeth


    Don’t have much smell and the texture is smooth. Just started using the serum not sure if it can help with my dull skin. But I like their nice packaging !

  70. Elizabeth

    Siti Nur Hayati

    Fast delivery! I love this serum! It really does make my skin glow, and it feels so light and hydrating on my skin.

  71. Elizabeth


    I would definitely recommend this serum to anyone looking for a product that delivers on its promises. My skin has never looked better!

  72. Elizabeth


    I love the way this serum feels on my skin. It’s so silky and hydrating, and it really does make my skin glow.

  73. Elizabeth

    Windy Tan

    If you want radiant, glowing skin, you need to try this serum. It’s a game-changer!

  74. Elizabeth

    Jie Hui Lieu

    This serum is amazing! It has a nice texture, and it makes my skin look so bright and dewy. I can’t live without it now!

  75. Elizabeth

    YC Wong

    I’ve always struggled with dull, tired-looking skin, but this serum has completely transformed my complexion. It’s never looked better!

  76. Elizabeth


    I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my skin’s texture since I started using this serum. My skin looks smoother and more radiant than ever.

  77. Elizabeth

    See Yin

    My 1st bottle and the result are very obvious, will continue to use it.

  78. Elizabeth

    Irene Woo

    Okay it’s a bit pricey but I do love the glow my skin has after using this serum. I can tell a difference in my complexion after adding this in the mornings. It looks great under an illuminating primer. It isn’t too heavy.

  79. Elizabeth


    This product really brings out the glow inyour skin, I have quite abit of blemishes on my skin and after using this serum it is not that visible anymore.

  80. Elizabeth

    Sabrina Yeo

    I use this product with my foundation, it really make my skin glow throughout the day !

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