Silk Protein Repairing Mask – 5pc

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Winner of Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Awards 2019

Category: Best Brightening Mask


A Luxurious Delight – The Silk Protein Repairing Mask gives a refreshing sensation, repairing and protecting weakened and dehydrated skin. Formulated with Silk Protein joined with Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), the mask works holistically with the skin to boost collagen, skin elasticity and helps the skin’s water barrier retain moisture. Skin’s natural tone and texture reveals a healthy glow from within. Enriched with Pure Hyaluronic and hypoallergenic properties, it reduces redness effectively, restores your skin’s vitality and reactivates your skin’s natural hydration.

The Silk Protein Repairing Mask leaves skin feeling immediately supple, clearer and radiant. With continuous usage, the mask visibly improves your skin, giving it a younger and healthier complexion. Designed to work in synergy, apply Mirage Miracle Hyaluronic Serum for optimal hydrating efficacy.

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Active Ingredients

  • Silk Protein – Silk protein helps to prevent moisture from escaping, promotes sebum absorption and skin tightening.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – An essential body constituent that holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water. It locks moisture in your skin, leaving a radiant and glowing look.

All Ingredients

  • Butylene Glycol, Glucose, Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, EGF, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Pure Water, Silk Protein, Wild Yam Extract


  1. Cleanse face and apply lotion or essence before using mask.
  2. Adjust mask to adhere entirely over the face positioning openings for eyes and mouth.
  3. Carefully remove the net on the outside and press down on the mask starting with the nose, in an outward direction.
  4. After 20 – 30 minutes, remove the mask and gently tap your face until essence absorbs completely.

49 reviews for Silk Protein Repairing Mask – 5pc

  1. Elizabeth


    I have really irritated skin and this mask does wonders! My skin feels more refresh and the redness have also reduced so much after using it.

  2. Elizabeth


    I’ve been using this mask for a year and I really like it because it helps to calm down my redness and itchiness. The only downside is the price abit expensive for 5pcs mask😂

  3. Elizabeth

    Joey Yap

    Best brightening and calming mask. Love this product a lot! Introduced my mum to use it as well.

  4. Elizabeth


    Im a big fan of this mask! I’ve repurchased 5 boxes and it’s my holy grail of masks whenever my skin is distressed. Would recommend to everyone and anyone!

  5. Elizabeth


    After using this mask my pimples immediately subsided. Was so surprised as no other mask had this effect on me before. Very impressed, will definitely be repurchasing and recommending to others!!

  6. Elizabeth

    Tracy Lee

    I’ve tried so many masks before and I love this the most! It’s so cooling and helps to calm down any redness. Also gives me a noticable glow 🙂

  7. Elizabeth

    Pei Shan

    I’m gonna give a 5 star to this mask. I love love love love it!

  8. Elizabeth


    It is cooling itself without having to put in the fridge. Serum is overflowing as well. Skin feels really hydrated just after 1 sheet.

  9. Elizabeth


    So cooling, felt so refreshed after using. . It kinda soothe my sensitive skin. Will definitely recommend it.

  10. Elizabeth

    Xue Er

    Generous serum in the packet of silk mask. Yes silk mask! Only used by the tai hou in the olden days. So premium

  11. Elizabeth

    Wei na

    Its very convenient and very good. Face feels moist with non sticky feel.

  12. Elizabeth


    First time using the Silk protein mask, apparently it is ok to use for sensitive skin. Gave an instant result the skin was brighter & supple. Really impressed by the mask.

  13. Elizabeth


    After masking, my face is not oily the next few days!

  14. Elizabeth


    Expensive but whatever save my dry skin – just buy !

  15. Elizabeth

    Rui En

    I can only describe using the word – Shiok! The minty minty feel just calm my skin and it is so so moisturizing.

  16. Elizabeth


    I LOVE ITTTT! Try it for yourself.

  17. Elizabeth

    Elaine Che

    Love the cooling feeling and smell. It makes me feel relaxed after a long day. It is also really hydrating and moisturizing. Can say it is one of the best mask i have used. On the pricier side but it does what it say.

  18. Elizabeth

    Ya Hui

    Really really in love with this mask. Saved my flaky skin.

  19. Elizabeth


    The amount of serum is overflowing. Face feel instantly hydrated and glowy.

  20. Elizabeth


    Already on my second box. The serum in the mask is so so rich and i will always apply the left over serum over my neck and hand.

  21. Elizabeth

    Li bing

    The best mask I had ever tried. My skin is Always sensitive and easily cause redness. Put on for 20mins of this silk mask and I can see the redness almost gone and hydrated. I think I will order another boxes to keep it. Worry will out of stock soon.

  22. Elizabeth


    Give this a try, you will fall in love with it.

  23. Elizabeth


    Please do more promotion for this mask! Really really love it.

  24. Elizabeth

    Enn Tay

    Am Mirage customer and my consultant was telling me how good this mask is for skin calming especially if i have redness and irritation. Tried it and it really works.

  25. Elizabeth

    Shu An

    Was introduced this mask by my friend. Was reluctant to buy cause of the price but ohmy no regrets.

  26. Elizabeth


    Not exaggerating but is really one of the best mask i have used thus far.

  27. Elizabeth

    Georgina Loo

    Bought it during the 10.10 sale and i receive the package few days back. Tried it Saturday and I must say a sheet last a long way. cause I can still see the subtle glow today.

  28. Elizabeth

    Aylna Yeo

    This is much more affordable than other big brands out there. I’m amazed by the result.

  29. Elizabeth

    Li PIng

    Tried using this for a month now and I can see a difference in my skin. It is not as dull as before.

  30. Elizabeth


    The mask material is very thin which makes it abit hard to put on the face. But I like the effects, my skin can see the glow the next morning.

  31. Elizabeth


    Bought this after reading rave reviews and decided to wait until I have finished 3 masks before writing a review. It leaves my skin feeling plump, hydrated & smooth, really enjoy it and will repurchase.

  32. Elizabeth


    Very good mask , before my makeup apply a sheet of this mask , after apply my daily makeup , skin look so glowing! Highly recommend

  33. Elizabeth


    Superb mask! Great thanks to mirage aesthetic staffs who introduced me to use products here. I have a super sensitive skin that has rash and redness real easily. After using this mask, redness subsided right after I remove the mask after 15mins. It’s a miracle! I will definitely replenish my skincare products here again!!!

  34. Elizabeth


    Have been having redness due to sensitivity on my face for over a month, tried several different brands and it didn’t work well for me. Came across this product and decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, it works magical on my super sensitive skin!! Love the repairing effect!! Definitely an essential!

  35. Elizabeth


    Highly recommend this mask make my skin feel moisture and radiance amazing!!

  36. Elizabeth


    ; Super moisture mask ever ! The mask sheet after 15 to 20 mins still feel very moist ! Let my sister tried, her skin is sensitivity, after this mask her skin totally feel comfortable and reduce her sensitivity !

  37. Elizabeth


    ; Super moisture mask ever ! The mask sheet after 15 to 20 mins still feel very moist ! Let my sister tried, her skin is sensitivity, after this mask her skin totally feel comfortable and reduce her sensitivity ! Will purchase again from Mirage after I finish these 2 boxes !

  38. Elizabeth

    Ann Low

    I was really impressed with this mask. Straight after using my skin looked plumper and had a definite ‘glow’ to it.

  39. Elizabeth


    i like tis mask so much!!Especially when my skin get sensitive. The mask calm the condition well. Love it!

  40. Elizabeth

    Priscilla Sow

    The best repairing and moisture mask for all skin type. Love the mask very much. Can see the results in one pcs . Of course will get a glowing and healthy skin if u use it frequently.

  41. Elizabeth


    I’ve tried a lot of mask but this is definitely the best! Addicted to this already!haha Love it!❤️

  42. Elizabeth


    Love this mask so much. After the mask my skin is less redness and moisture!!!

  43. Elizabeth

    Joey Wong

    My mum and I love the collagen ampoule and Hyaluronic very much! Thank you mirage Miracle our skin look more radiant and blemishes is free now.

  44. Elizabeth


    Love the mask very much! Can see it Reduced redness quickly, look fairer, and very moisture. It fit my face perfectly just like my skin. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  45. Elizabeth


    The hyaluronic serum in the mask helps to lock in the moisture and I can see a glow in my face after using.

  46. Elizabeth

    Jun Jie

    I have irritable skin and this mask is the savoir to soothe the redness. Thumbs up!

  47. Elizabeth


    My skin glows after one use. Thou it is a little pricey but it definitely worth the price!

  48. Elizabeth

    Zhi Ling

    My skin feel much more radiant just after one use. Definitely worth what I paid for!

  49. Elizabeth


    Love this mask! It helps my skin to become less red and more moisturized. Purchased another 2 boxes.

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