Our Products

Collaborating with Korean laboratories, we have came up with our very own range of skincare products to meet your specific skin concerns and needs in order to achieve the best results.
Stem Cell Ampoule

By forming a protective layer on the skin using vegetable placenta and stem cell activator from Peas, the Stem Cell Ampoule enhances the moisture absorption into your skin’s inner layers. This ensures that your skin maintains its ‘elastic’ touch and turns dry and rough skin into soft and smooth skin in no time!

Stem Cell Solution

A combination of Stem cell activator, placenta and camellia sinensis callus culture extract strengthens the skin, adding a spring to the touch of your skin. This concentrated cosmetic solution clarifies your skin tone.

Stem Cell Coconut Gel Mask

Harnessing coconut’s natural soothing properties, the Stem Cell Coconut Gel Mask soothes and regenerates your skin’s health without irritating your skin.

Stem Cell Serum

Mirage Aesthetic’s Stem Cell Activator uses special Hyaluronic acid ingredients to supply moisture to your skin, transforming dry skin into dewy, supple skin that you will fall in love with.

Stem Cell Hydro Cream

Stem Cell Hydro Cream adjusts your skin’s optimal skin balance and improves moisture absorption and skin texture using Hyaluronic acid and natural Polysaccharide ingredients, regenerating your skin’s natural shine and radiance.

Super Moisture Serum

Alleviate your skin’s burden from urban life’s pollutants and provide repair damaged skin with our Super Moisture Serum’s Super Natural Moisturizing Factor (SNMF), Centella Asiatica extra and Allantoin combination.

Super Moisture Cream

Strengthen your skin barrier and nourish your skin, protecting it from pollutants and dryness with active ingredients such as Super Natural Moisturizing Factor (SNMF), Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Sodium Hyaluronate.